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February 10, 2017

The St. Augustine Record Fails at Journalism… Tries Community Organizing

“The Communist Left, is ever evolving from one movement to another,                           Photos by TCCR  Staff  from one cause to another. The Left changes names more often than a man with dysentery changes  underwear,”  according to Lance Thate, Chairman of the St Augustine Tea Party. “The collective soul is always yearning to be inclusive, together, with unity for everyone and unity marches for all,”

The latest of these Communist organized groups to emerge in St. Augustine, Florida, is the “Indivisible St Johns”. Covering their event, The St. Augustine Record was in rapture with the so-called grassroots organization that marched under the banner, “Unity of Community”. The stories that appeared after President Trump’s inauguration  were almost identical to the stories that appeared regarding the “Occupy St. Augustine” movement. The Record’s coverage in November 2011 was nearly identical in tone and description. They were overwhelmed by the grassroots organization being formed by Flagler College students, members of their faculty and others.  In both 2011 and 2017, The Record reported that the grassroots organizations were organized by Terry Buchenmeyer. Terry Buchenmeyer and friends have a history of organizing left-wing protests and demonstrations in the St. Augustine area. In March 2011, the organizers staged an event on US 1 South with “Awake the State”.  . Then in July of 2011, they organized a “Feed the Homeless” project in  the Plaza which attracted the attention of Flagler College students. That group later became the Occupy St. Augustine organization, known for their brain-dead slogan, “We are the 99”. The Record’s unity pronouncements of 2017 apply equally to the 2011 event.


These leftist protests have a history of failure. The St. Augustine Tea Party’s Town Crier Committee took on the Occupiers for a three month period. They did not relent until the Occupiers were vanquished. The Town Criers were threatened with violence in 2011. In 2017, Doug Russo, a Tea Party member was assaulted at the recent Indivisible march. The police gave assistance  to Mr. Russo and a report was filed. The Record’s articles painted a tolerant, loving, embracing event. Witnesses report otherwise.

Communist Links

The intentional misrepresentation of the nature of the event is still further distorted by the failure of The Record to disclose Terry Buchenmeyer’s background. Mr. Buchenmeyer has been associated with the International Workers of the World (IWW).  Terry Buchenmeyer, pictured above, was frequently quoted by The Record as an organizer.  The IWW has a record of Communist activity since 1905.  The union closely associates with other Communist identities. Mr. Buchenmeyer has been an IWW organizer. The Record failed to report that in 2011. The Town Crier Committee Report (TCCR) produced full disclosure of Buchenmeyer’s background in 2011. [See  TCCR Vol 1 No 2 at [] . The St. Augustine Record’s failure to disclose Terry Buchenmeyer’s background in 2017, continues to be a major distortion designed to confuse.

The Record’s Community Organizing Activities Revealed

The Indivisible St. Johns organization claims that it is following a pattern that the Tea Party used in 2009 and is using a publication entitled “Indivisible Guide” to aid their members.

 “The publication makes some assumptions about the Tea Party that are absurd. The guide claims that  the Tea Party stopped Obama  by influencing members of Congress. The Tea Party got people elected, but they did not stop Obama . The Congress continued to provide the funds for his agenda. According to the guide we promoted our activities by threatening anyone we considered an enemy, physically assaulted and spat on staff, shouted obscenities and burned people in effigy. I fear that these are the future behavioral tactics for the Indivisible. The Communist left always projects themselves on their enemies. Perhaps it justifies their behavior as we see it in the anti Trump riots and the Black Lives Matter riots across the country. Our Town Criers are loved by the general public, and that’s because of the high standards of conduct that regulate our political activities,”  SATP Chairman, Thate said.

According to the Indivisible St. Johns Facebook page, a Speaker meeting  was scheduled for February 10th at One News Place, St. Augustine, Florida. The featured speaker  was Tia Mitchell. Ms. Mitchell is the  State House Bureau Chief for the Florida Times Union. The purpose was to train Indivisible members to be more politically expedient. The Facebook page indicated that 27 individuals planned on attending as 7:00 PM.

In the early days of the Tea Party, “Americans for Prosperity”, conducted seminars on political activism. The Indivisible  people are doing the same thing. What is interesting in St. Augustine, is that the local print media is engaging in Community Organizing activities. The meeting is being conducted at The Record’s headquarters building. The speaker is an employee of the Florida Times Union. The Florida Times Union and the St. Augustine Record are controlled by  Morris Communications.

President Trump’s Media Observations

This is what President Trump calls fake news.  The President has repeatedly made the claim that the press lies. President Trump has suggested that in his  entire career, he has never met a group of people, the media, who lie more. A liar is a deceiver. And the St. Augustine Record has been deceiving for years. This is not an error. St. Augustine Tea Party reports that they had been a victim of these deceptions for their entire existence.

The question is: Can objective journalism exist in a Community Organizing environment? Can you write an article, pretending to be objective and at the same time be training the very people that you’re writing about for political activism? Clearly, The St. Augustine Record has a serious journalistic ethics problem. They aided the Occupiers in St. Augustine in 2011 and, now, they are 'schooling' the Indivisible group in their own office building. And, they hide from their readers the fact that the “Indivisible” group is just another Communist front organization.      

The Record has promoted an event, organized by Marxists activists, and then served it to the public in the fashion of the progressive’s proverbial “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”.

One can only wonder how far up the chain of command in the Morris Communications organization this Community Organizing activity goes.

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February 11, 2017  

Tea Party Brand Unblemished

The three Town Criers, pictured above, took a victory lap up and down St. George Street on February 11, 2017. They were curious about what the mood of the County was after the Trump victory. The Mass Media was having a melt-down, as we all know. But what was “We the People”, from across the Country saying in the face-to-face contacts with the Tea Party. Well, Folks, the vast stream of tourist from all over the Country were lively and overwhelmingly relieved that the l Obama Hillary Marxist team was defeated. And, that the Country was 'saved'. Donald Trump's victory was a sigh of relief... An 'Individual' had beaten the 'Collective'. Donald Trump had gotten on the Tea Party Train and road the 'Movement' all the way to the Whitehouse in DC.

“I’m not sure that President Trump understands that the Movement started before his appearance on the political scene. The Tea Party was a populist movement before the word populist was popular. From today’s acceptance of our presence, it is clear that the Tea Party’s brand is unblemished. I carried a sign today that simply said “St. Augustine Tea Party”. It is not something I usually do. I was amazed at how many people took photographs of that sign and came up to shake my hand and thank me. A World War II veteran, wanted to hold the sign. He is pictured below in the collage. This honored warrior of the 40s was thanking me for my service. Oh my God what an honor,” The Town Crier Committee Chairman, Lance Thate, said.

In addition, the Town Criers carried a Trump campaign sign; something the St. Augustine Tea Party never does as they do not endorse candidates. It was not carried to promote President Trump, but to gauge the public’s reaction to it. One could hardly determine the President’s support by reading or viewing the Communist Left’s media outlets.

The Trump sign procured many, many cheers. But there were some who would say, “Hey the election is over.” When it was explained to them why the sign was being carried and that, the Town Criers were only interested in their response, their feelings about the media would come forth. The consensus: the media rates lower than politicians.

New St. George Street Poll

The Town Criers conducted their First St George Street poll, today, since the election. The St. Augustine tea party has been conducting polls in the historic district for over two years. The demographic is national the poll is a face-to-face random selection. The question on February 11, 2017: “The Constitution or Sharia?” The question got a lot of attention. The older crowd was affronted: "Are you kidding me, of course the Constitution of the United States.” But many of the younger government educated tourist didn't know what Sharia was. But, patiently we explained, that Sharia was the Muslin civil code, jurisprudence that was antithetical to our Constitution. Sharia is opposite to Individual Freedom but attractive to Collectivist. Many of the young ladies got the point that their civil rights, under Sharia, would be limited and they would be force to be subservient to male domination and force to dress in burkes or wear the jihab on their heads. They got the point.

Dave Heimbold, Media Chair of the St. Augustine Tea Party, had an encounter with three Muslim young women wearing the Jihab, enjoying the beautiful weather and ambiance of the picture perfect Ancient City. When asked to make a choice between The Constitution of Sharia? They seem conflicted. If they denied Sharia for the Constitution publicly, one of the other Muslim woman could report to the Emom that she chose the Constitution over Sharia and her life could be in danger by the radical Jihadist in her own faith...That's why we have the NATURALIZATION OATH where the newly arrived "Renounce(s) and abjure(S) absolutely and entirely all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which the applicant was before a subject of citizen..." That's why President Donald Trump is restricting immigration from radical Islamic Countries. And the Left hates him.

 Oh, by the way, the focus poll was 97% in favor of the Constitution and just 3% for Sharia. Long live the USA and the Constitution!

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February 12, 2017
Humans vs. Not-So-Humans
by John Knapp

There are humans, and then there are not-so-humans. Not-so-humans should be quarantined to their own self-made hell-holes. Islamists are not-so-humans. You can take the Muslims out of their Middle Eastern hell-holes (and Asia, and wherever else they live), only their Islamism remains steady, a hell-hole state of mind. Importing Muslims willy-nilly into a non-Muslim country eventually will put that country at great internal risk.

Islam is often described as a 'peaceful religion', but that description is a double oxymoron, as Islam trends toward being neither 'peaceful' nor 'religion.' At best, Islam is dogma from a long-dead deranged mind. All Muslims read from the same Koran, their 'Holy Book.' Islam's spiritual guru, Muhammad, was despotic. His teachings were clinically, violently, brutishly insane by any rational religious standard of today. Muhammad was the anti-Jesus.

Muhammad's 'teachings' in the Koran are antithetical to Judeo-Christian values and the foundational precepts of Western Civilization. The two are oil vs. water, red ants vs. black ants. Though individual Muslims may have fine qualities, too many Muslims, taken together, become a qualified risk when imported to live among non-Muslim, ordinarily peace-loving peoples.

Christians and Muslims have never gotten along, as was demonstrated by 2 centuries of conflict during the Middle Ages. From 1096-1289 A.D., 6 major and 3 minor Christian Crusades were undertaken. Sometimes the Christians were the instigators, at the insistence of a Catholic Pope, but most often the Crusades were simply an effort to push Muslims out of Muslim-seized parts of European/Christian real estate.

Two hundred years ago, Thomas Jefferson sent the U.S. Navy and Marines to North Africa, to remedy ongoing Muslim piracy of American merchant ships on the high seas, as well as ending their lucrative business of captured American Citizens being held for ransom. At one point, paying ransoms for U.S. Citizens held by Muslim kidnappers was a fair piece of the fledgling U.S. government's budget. But, Jefferson's military put a stop to that.

One hundred years later, Winston Churchill wrote 'No stronger retrograde force exists in the world than Islam.' He further stated that 'Islam in men was as dangerous as hydrophobia (rabies) in a dog.' Churchill's assessment was spot on. During WW II, Muslims were on the side of the Nazis. As I recall, the Nazis were also not-so-human.

Further, since WW II, the United Nations very likely has been fatally poisoned by the Muslim/Islamist influence fermenting there.

Now, after a thousand years of Christianity and Islam so often being in mutual, deadly-serious opposition to each other, a multitude of Muslim terrorist organizations - scores of different chapters under the same ISIS (Islam Caliphate) umbrella - are at war with the entire Western world. And we must call it WAR. Due to many years of willy-nilly immigration policies, Europe is next to lost.....because of the political correctness (moral malfeasance) of successive Socialist European leaders.

So, long-time, left-leaning Europe finds itself with a snake under its table, and but two choices left: knuckle under to Islam (and fade into Eurasia), or go to war with it, a la The Tenth Crusade. By ignoring a thousand years of pertinent world history, pusillanimous, apathetic Europeans have brought this scourge down upon their own heads.

And in America, the left's hatred for anything Donald Trump has so blinded them that they're unable to recognize the foolishness of the willy-nilly immigration policies of our recently retired Muslim-promoting president. To them, it's 'full speed ahead', D. Trump and common sense be damned!

The left lost its mind long ago, but, at what point does the interest of self-preservation finally kick in? If for no other reason, why can't the left back Trump on this idea, even if it's 'for the children's sake?' Those on the left would cut off ALL our noses, too, just to spite their liberal faces...if they could just deface Donald Trump.

When all actions from the left of late are considered, maybe the American left could also be classed as not-so-humans? That's a fair question, any day.

American is well-begun, following down this same dead end path where Europe now finds itself. PRESIDENT Donald Trump either reigns in willy-nilly immigration from war-torn, anti-Christian, anti-American, terrorist-laden Muslim countries, or America, too, will soon enough find itself living Europe's nightmare.

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FB Photo

Tia Mitchell

Times Union Photo

Terry Buchenmeyer

February 17, 2017

Putnam County Tea Party Disbands

The Putnam County Tea Party (PCTP), without fanfare, disbanded in the closing month of last year.  Former Putnam County Tea Party Chairman, Derek Hankerson, revealed to TCCR reporters. The PCTP history goes back to the Tea Party movement’s beginning in 2009.

Hankerson wrote   “…Over that time we have seen a greater participation by residents in Putnam County politics through the Tea Party’s involvement with education forums, debates, presentations by authors, activities and by being actively engaged in the community. I am humbled and honored to have served and saddened that the group is disbanding.”

According to Hankerson, the PCTP was formed by two Putnam County families the Beutiens and Owens.

When asked about PCTP’s publication, Alice Beutien wrote:

“Unfortunately and with great sadness the Putnam County Tea Party dissolved last year. When the vote came in, it was not without great heartbreak on my part. I hope you are having better success in St. Augustine. I think it is important for people to hold government accountable.”

                                                                                                             Photos by TCCR Staff SATP and PCTP Joint Protest 2-3-2012


In an interview with Stan Owens, a founder and past Chairman of the PCTP, he disclosed to our reporters that there simply was no one willing to stand up and take on the responsibilities. Mr. Owens revealed that he would be moving to North Georgia. He would no longer be able to keep that Tea Party going. Owens expressed hope that someone would step up and revive the PCTP.

SATP and PCPT Held Joint Protests
From time to time, the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP) and the Putnam County Tea Party (PCTP) cooperated in joint protests. The SATP joined signs and flag waving in Palatka and the PCTP participated in SATP activities in St. Augustine. The pictures here show some of our joint activity. The upper photograph is a protest at Ron DeSantis’ office. The picture to the left was a demonstration on US 1 in St. Augustine when the Obama administration started his assault on the Second Amendment.

Photos by TCCR Staff 1-19-12

The Left’s Fake Tea Parties, Fake News

“It saddens me to think that the Putnam County Tea Party no longer exists. In a time when the left is forming Fake Tea Parties and using Fake Media to help promote their activities, the Tea Parties of 2009 have a mission and duty to confront. Now is not the time to disband. A new leftist front organization In St. Augustine, called Indivisible St Johns, is muddying the waters with their claim that they are patterning their group 'like the Tea Party'. God forbid!

I contacted Larry White, a Tea Party activist who attends the Flagler, Putnam & St. Augustine Tea Party meetings, and he pledged his support to revive Putnam's Tea Party. I pledge my support as well. Everybody that I have spoken to regrets the loss of the PCTP.  I would hope the PCTP members in Putnam County would call a meeting and reconsider their decision.” Lance Thate, the SATP Chairman stated.        


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