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January 1, 2017

The Real America Spoke

The Communist Left Takes a Big Hit
The Tea Party Saw it Coming
The Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP), has been engaging a national audience in the streets of the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida since mid-2011. The Town Criers have used various techniques to connect with the public’s opinion.

In January 2012, the Town Criers were able to predict the Mitt Romney Republican nomination and his defeat in the general election. As early as February 2016, the Town Criers predicted that Donald J. Trump would be the next President of the United States. It did not matter whether he ran as a Republican or as an Independent. Trump would win in spite of the Republican Party. “It’s not that were so smart. It’s because we listen to the people. It seems no one else is doing that,” Lance Thate SATP Chairman said.

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January 7, 2017


Fake News Revealed

In spite of corporate mogul television broadcasts, the obscene amounts of money spent by political activists of both parties in the name of progressive politics and the assault by the print media, the American people elected, in a landslide, Donald J. Trump. This is the climax of a conservative movement that started with the Tea Party in 2009. The media for the Communist Left was rejected by the public. Let’s go back to election night.

Early on election night, Fox News’ progressive reporters were preparing their audience for a Clinton victory. Council on Foreign Relations member, Charles Krauthammer, led the way. At the same time, CNN was reporting Donald Trump ahead in Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana and Texas. It seemed clear that their reporters expected Clinton to win many of those states once the population centers started reporting. It was interesting to see these two creators of Fake News at Fox News and CNN struggle with the reality of the election. No one could understand how the polls and the media got it so wrong. No one foresaw the coming defeat for Hillary.

The News is about People not Pundits

The News Pundits were shocked at their inability to get the election story right. They couldn’t just admit, “We got it wrong” and still expect the public to listen to them. So they started blaming it on dis-information that they labeled as Fake News, which is coming from New Media sources on the Internet.  Immediately, steps were taken to curtail free press. Facebook screening comes to mind.

What the Communist Left media chooses to forget is, it is “We the People” who make the news. And the way you get the news is to talk to the people, not to each other. This is what the Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP), has been doing for almost five years in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. They have been talking to the national audience which appears on St. George Street daily. As early as January 2015, in a poll between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton, It was clear that the public was not going to elect Clinton to anything. Palin got 74% against Hillary’s 6% and 20% wanted neither. When Hillary was polled with Bush, Rubio or Trump, throughout the entire primary season, she could barely break double digits. In a three-a way race between Bush, Hillary, and Trump, Hillary was always the loser. In April, a St. George Street poll revealed that 93% wanted her indicted for her criminal activities.

 Hillary’s inability to get elected has been consistent throughout the entire election process. All you had to do was ask the public face-to-face, one-on-one. “ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox news and the entire print world are the source of Fake News.” Dave Heimbold SATP Media Chairman declared.

January 10, 2017

Obama’s Farewell…. And Good Riddance

What should have been a grand moment for American history, the election of the first Afro-American president, turned into a disaster, a long nightmare. But now, eight years of Communist occupation of the White House is coming to a close. The damage to our nation has been great.

In the capital of black-on-black murders, Chicago, Barack Obama addressed his faithful. Using a handkerchief, he wiped away the tears as he realized his opportunity to distort history, from the White House, was coming to a close.

A Democracy or a Republic?

Obama gave an excellent delivery of a well-crafted speech invoking the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. From Obama’s point of view, America is all about being a Democracy.

Apparently, a Harvard education omits the fact that we are not a Democracy. We are a Republic. Nowhere in our founding documents, does the word 'democracy' appear. And, any research about the Founding Fathers’ opinions, would clearly show that they had a disdain for democracies. A Democracy is the tyranny of the majority, something that would appeal to the collectivist mind, but not the liberty minded people who founded the American Republic.

The word democracy is mentioned because Mr. Obama used it 20 times in his speech. This is greater than the combined total of all other presidents in their farewell addresses. Communists use the word democracy when they are retreating. They use the word transforming when they are advancing. Perhaps that is why Michelle Obama, who was in the audience with her daughters, has reverted back to her loss of hope.

 “I am sorry to say that during my many years, I have never seen an administration so clearly racist as the Obama White House. Instead of uniting Americans, he used the race card at every turn to divide us. It could have been a time of great healing among Americans. Instead, Obama used his time for political gain in his attempt to transform America, so sad. Obama was never able to rise above his radical community organizing experience. Communist community organizers do not build, they destroy. My own choice for President during the 2016 primary was Ben Carson. He struck me as a very intelligent man who could adapt to any task that might be placed before him. But what I admired most about Mr. Carson was his ability to come off as a sincere and good man. I am pleased he will be in the Trump administration.”

The quote above is from  Lance Thate, Chairman  and founder of the Town Crier Committee, which is a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party. The Town Criers carried signage which exposed Obama as a communist during a substantial portion of Obama’s time in the White House. A picture of the original battle battered sign first carried in early 2012 is shown on the right.

“We now move into uncharted territory with the election of 2016. Our Town Criers stand ready to provide whatever service the cause of liberty may demand. I doubt that many members of the Town Crier Committee, who labored tirelessly during the eight years of the Obama occupation, could thank the Obama’s’ for their service. For them, it is just good riddance, the Town Crier, Committee Chairman concluded.

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