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Photos by TCCR Staff

November 19, 2017

Christmas Festivities meet the Hate Mongers

Photos by TCCR Staff

On December 18, 2017, the City of St. Augustine commenced its “Nights of Lights” celebration of the season by turning on 3 million lights in the historic district. The Nights of Lights has been rated as one of the 10 best Christmas displays in the world by National Geographic. Mayor Nancy Shaver told TCCR reporters, “I think it went very well! By estimates largest crowd ever…early estimates are 5000.” The city will be lit through January 31, 2018.
Nights of Lights, A Scene of Political Strife
This publication and the Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party  (SATP) has its beginnings associated with the Nights of Lights. The Town Criers resisted the Communists at the Nights of Lights on  November 19, 2011, exactly six years ago to the day.  Back then it was the “Occupy St. Augustine”. Today it’s, “Take em Down”, an assault on Confederate monuments and statues. Different organizers, but the same old Communist agenda.
Communist Intimidation on Full Display
FB Image  11-19-2011           Rev. Ronald Rawls pastor at St Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church lead predominately white demonstrators to the Nights of Lights light up celebration. It should be pointed out that his church has few if any white parishioners. The number of protest marchers varies depending on who’s reporting. The numbers game varies from 80 to about 200.   Mayor  Shaver reports 163 of which 100 were from other cities. The TCCR exit count revealed about 100.   The style used was mindless chants, profanity  and intimidation designed to shut down free speech and to disrupt. The same Communist style that BLM, Occupiers and Antifa use.                                                                                                               

Clearly the goal of the demonstrators was to interrupt the festive spirit and shut down the evening activities. This would have secured additional leverage for Rawls in his effort reverse the city’s decision on the retaining the Confederate monument.

The Rawls’ Protest Fails at all Levels                                                        

 FB Image Ron Rawls

According to the Town Criers stationed in the Plaza, the efforts of the protest marchers were undetectable unless they were in the immediate vicinity. The initial demonstrations along the perimeter of the event were not visible and could not be heard at the Confederate monument site, for example. Nor could they be noticed or heard when they marched up to the front of the pavilion. The picture above on the right is about 150 feet from the Demonstrators at the pavilion. The picture upper left is what was present, but could not be detected from the monument. Unless you are right in front of the demonstrators, Christmas music from the sound system overwhelmed their effort. The vast majority of the 5000 people in attendance had no clue that a demonstration was even going on.

Rawls simply did not have enough people to be effective in disrupting the event which attracted 5000 people. Antifa was not present and unless BLM is a white group, they were not present in large numbers. James Evans Mohammed, who claims he is the "Minister of Education" of New Black Panther Party, was spotted on live video coverage by “Save Southern Heritage” researchers. James Evans Mohammed confirmed his presence in St. Augustine on Facebook. This New Black Panther Party member has experience in Ferguson  Mo. with the Trayvon Martin protests and riots. Why is he in St Augustine and why was he in the Rawls’ march?

Militia personnel reported to the Town Criers that insufficient numbers showed up in Gainesville to warrant the use of a bus. Was this a violent protest that failed to organize as planned?  The only reason that it wasn’t a disaster is the fact that Antifa

elements were not present. Tea Party Chairman, Lance Thate, sent the following message to Mayor Shaver, “Congratulations on successful Nights on Lights celebration. I am so pleased that my concerns about the evening did not materialize”

Prior to the Nights of Lights event, research showed that the potential for a violent occurrence was a very real possibility. The Tea Party shared what information it had with Mayor Shaver.  Militia groups like the 3%ers prepared, as did off duty police officers from distant cities, to provide security for the public if local law enforcement couldn’t or wouldn’t.

On November 14, Mayor Nancy Shaver attended the St. Augustine Tea Party  open meeting. The Mayor suggested that the Town Criers stand down in the interest of public safety. Shaver announced that the St. Augustine Police Department (SAPD) would provide the demonstrators security. Shaver stressed the point that the Rev. Rawls’ people had a first amendment right to express themselves. She failed to realize that First Amendment rights do not extend to the suppression of other people’s free speech and the right of assembly. The communist concept of

free speech is, “We have it; you don’t”. In hindsight, it is obvious that the Mayor was paving the way for what was about to transpire on the 18th .

We do know that SAPD provided security for the demonstrators that resulted in giving them front row exposure at the pavilion. This made a wonderful photo op, which made the front page of The St. Augustine Record. The Record is a local print media outlet with an extreme radical left bias. Someone in city government made it possible for less than 3% of the people assembled to capture front page news. In Trump era media terminology, this is called Fake News.

“Imagine, if you will, the Mayor directing or allowing the police to bring in a mob of jeering middle finger pointing cursing blaspheming loud unruly people into the very heart of a program to celebrate  Christmas. And then permitted them to interrupt and interfere at the center of the celebrations where a band was playing marvelous Christmas music. An estimated mob of approximately 100 Communists where lead by police escort to circle the plaza and then to enter right up to the pavilion with their filthy signs. This is the communist concept of free speech, ‘We have it; You don’t’. The residents and visitors at the scene were flabbergasted at the absurd accusations,” David Heimbold, SATP Media Chairman said.  

The public is asking, is the issue really about White Supremacy or is it about Black Privilege. Town Criers in their six year engagement of the public never had a police escort. In fact, they were barred on several occasions from Plaza events.

Hateful Behavior Angers Crowd

Initial intelligence for the demonstration , indicated the march was to be from the church to the Confederate monument. Perhaps in the name of safety, the police escorted them to “Ground Zero” of the Nights of Lights instead. In any event, it gave the Town Criers the opportunity to mingle with the event audience. While it is true that most didn’t even know there was a demonstration. Those that experienced it, and those that are heard about it, by rumor, were outraged. Their frustration resulted in them carrying the few signs that the Town Criers had in their possession. The public was so energized, but, frustrated because they had no way to enter into a lawful counter protest. “If we had brought 500 signs with us, the public would have protested Rawls’ protesters with 500 signs. As it was the public carried our signs throughout the entire experience,” a Town Crier reported. When intelligence provided the word that the Rawls’ protesters were going to move to the other end of the Plaza, 3%ers militia and Town Criers formed

a small group and marched up King Street with the public’s favorable response. It was visible for all to see.  The hateful Rawls’ group never received support from public. It’s always the same for the communists in public. It’s them, and no one else. With the Tea Party and the 3%ers, it’s all about the public’s approval.

The overall conclusion is that hatemongering and Christmas are incompatible. Is the Rev. Rawls a community organizer or a pastor? Watch out Rawls, your red is showing.

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FB Image

November 18, 2017
St. George Street Poll

Should Confederate Monuments be Retained?

The Town Crier’s St. George Street pollsters, who predicted Donald Trump's Presidential victory in February of 2016, conducted a poll in the late afternoon on November 18, 2017. The poll was a face-to-face random selection format.

The demographics consisted of people, both local and national, who intended to observe St. Augustine, Florida’s “Nights of Lights” festivities.

When asked if America’s Confederate monuments and statues should be retained, the following results were obtained:


Remove             5%

Retain              95%

Over the past two months, a petition was circulated in St Augustine by Jill Pacetti. Pacetti’s family name is on the monument the communists want to remove. To date Pacetti has obtained 11,000 signatures. The petition reveals a 10 to 1 support for retaining St. Augustine’s Confederate monuments. The Jill Pacetti was the featured speaker at the St. Augustine Tea Party’s last open meeting on November 14, 2017.

It appears that since the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, which was instrumental in moving some statues, America has universally decided to retain its history. It looks like the demonstrations scheduled for this evening, which will promote a “Take em Down” theme, will be playing to a stacked deck.

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November 14, 2017
Saving Confederate Monuments
The progressive brand of communism is at war with America’s history and culture. The progressive form of communism is a process of transformation, incrementally, step-by-step with unending pressure. In America we have seen the process unfolding since Teddy Roosevelt. He was the first progressive President.                                                  

In the last 28 years, from George Walker Bush to Obama, they have made great strides. The communists believe that to reach their final goal, all culture, history and values of the past must be eliminated so that the new collective thought can fill the mind of humanity. The communist’s final stage will be when all are wards of an all-powerful state. The word liberty will have been expunged from thought.

 The Attack on the Confederacy is just the Beginning….
The communists attack the Confederacy because the concept of federalism resides in the States. The idea of a federal organization of, more or less, self-governing units runs counter to the communist concept of totalitarian rule. First, they attacked the flag. They associated the Battle Flag of the Confederacy with skinheads and slavery. They have done an effective job. They did get some States to remove it. Always pushing, displaying constant pressure, they now are attacking statues and monuments that have any connection, regardless as to how insignificant, to the Confederacy. This attack will progress to the statues of the Founding Fathers. In fact, it’s already begun.

St. Augustine, Florida, a city rich in history, has been experiencing this communist assault on a Veteran’s Memorial associated with the Confederacy. The Town Criers, a Committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party, created a photo opportunity for the people in the historic district. The Town Criers have discovered that this is an effective way to spread the word across the country.                                                                                                                     

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November 13, 2017   

Sex, Lies, and Hypocrisy

By John Knapp


Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is on the hot-seat because 40 years ago, as a young bachelor in his early thirties, it is alleged he was interested in dating several teenage girls, the youngest of whom was fourteen at the time. Moore isn't accused of any egregious sexual misconduct with them. Nevertheless, it is to wonder  what he was thinking. Perhaps he was a late bloomer, basically shy around the opposite sex, not able to connect with women his own age.

Shall we stipulate here, that young women - in the flower of young womanhood - have the power to turn most men's heads?

I'm not defending Roy Moore. A 16 year-old girl looks great from a distance, until she opens her mouth and starts talking, even if your ears can keep up that torrid pace. Roy Moore didn't marry a child bride, and he didn't sexually assault anyone, not that I've read. But the left, and some of the right, is attacking him like he was nearly a Ted Bundy

.Roy Moore has been in the public eye in Alabama for over 40 years, and this issue never came up until a few days ago, just prior to voting day to replace Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, who was pulled up to be President Trump's Attorney General. The people of Alabama have every right to wonder if there's anything substantive here, or whether to dismiss it all as typical political effluvium from the left and their mainstream media comrades. Then there's also this; the Washington swamp is adamantly opposed to having Roy Moore's politics inside the U.S. Senate.

Now, it is well worth noting - one more time - the utter hypocrisy of the left about the seriousness of aberrant sexual behavior, depending on the political persuasion of who so ever is accused.

Where was the left screaming for Teddy Kennedy's head when he left a young woman to drown in his car in a Chappaquiddick tidal basin, while he scurried back home to sober up before the accident was discovered by the authorities? (Roy Moore was not involved.)

Where was the left when John Kennedy, and then later, brother Robert Kennedy, were having their affairs with Marilyn Monroe? (Again, Roy Moore was not involved.)

Where was the left when Bill Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas, and then Governor of Arkansas, during which time he raped Juanita Broaddrick, and had multiple other instances of criminal sexual behavior? Or when he was President and continued this tawdriness against other women, including having oral sex with a 21 year-old Monica Lewinsky when he was 50? In the Oval Office, no less! Where was the press calling him out for being the utterly sleazy pig that he was? They were telling America that oral sex is not really sex. Oh, really?

Where was the press screaming for Hillary Clinton's head when she was fully in charge of the Bimbo Eruptions Unit, a group designed to smear and crush any woman who had the audacity to come forward about Bill's many unwanted sexual advances? Where was the leftist press calling Hillary Clinton out for her own little War on Bill's Women while she was trying to convince Americans that Republicans were the ones conducting 'A War on Women'?

Where has the press been for several years, while the evidence of corruption and sexual depravity of New Jersey Democrat Senator Robert Menendez has been piling up? Why haven't they been screaming for him to resign? How much time and space will the mainstream media designate to cover the trial, which is finally in progress?

And where was the press all these years (up until a scant few weeks ago) while Harvey Weinstein, - et. many, many al. - were conducting their sexual war on young up-and-comers to the Hollywood entertainment industry? Harvey Weinstein's (and other's) money, in political donations to the left, kept it all hushed up. Hillary Clinton still has some of Harvey's money, which she's refused to give back. Call it spoils from the War, eh, Hillary?

So, it turns out the War on Women was real, but almost exclusively conducted by Democrat politicians and their cronies - those lying leftist hypocrites - and their slavish media lapdogs. In a right-side up world, not one of these people would ever get their credibility back. Any of it, ever.

And, Alabama's Roy Moore, for whatever bad judgments he may have exhibited early on, wouldn't even get a lousy participation ribbon in the real War on Women.

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November 11, 2017

Veteran’s Day
Town Criers Back on the Street
At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the Town Criers assembled for their 184th appearance in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. The Town Criers are a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party.  The Town Criers were there to challenge the efforts of the Indivisibles, the Communist version of the Tea. There were rumors that the Indivisibles were going to do an Armistice Day March on St. George Street. The plan, according to their FB page, was to conduct a parallel event at the same time that the Veterans Day Parade was taking place on the Bayfront a couple blocks away.               

 Indivisibles’ Veterans Day…. is an Anti War Protest

The Indivisibles assembled at the City Gates at the north end of St George Street. The start of their activities was marred , unfortunately, as one of their members took a nasty fall when stepping off a curb. The woman was removed by an ambulance. The Town Criers have been engaging the people on St. George Street for the past six years. Based on their experience, the Town Criers realized that the Indivisibles’ numbers and signage were going to be inconsequential for the effort they were going to undertake. Conducting a March at exactly the same time that the Veterans were being honored in a parade shows the progressive brand of Communism’s complete contempt for our Veterans. The population on St. George Street was relatively low because everybody was gathered along the Veterans Day Parade route. “To remain on St. George Street, with the little band of communists would have dishonored our brave Veterans,” a Town Crier member said as their group moved to the parade ground.

The Tea Party patriots took up a position along the parade route. With their Gadsden flags flying in the stiff breeze, their “Drain the Swamp” and “Lock Her Up” signs were on full display.  Nearby, was the photographer for the St. Augustine Record, the local print media. He was there to photograph the parade. One of the Town Criers asked, “Are you going to take our picture?” The reply was, “I never take your picture.” This is a very true statement. When the Tea Party participates in parades, The Record will photograph every single entry in the parade; but never the Tea Party’s impressive 38 foot float, the Dartmouth. The Record willfully ignores their presence. This is just one way that the media distorts reality with “Fake News”.
Tea Party Honored by Vets
If The Record’s photographer had taken a Tea Party picture, perhaps, he would’ve captured the Veterans honoring the Tea Party. On numerous occasions Veterans saluted the Tea Party presence. “This was a touching moment for our group and an honor to return the salute to men and women who  risked so much,” the Town Crier Chairman, Lance Thate, said with heart filled humility and gratitude.
A Victory on St. George Street
At the conclusion of the parade activities, the Town Criers returned to St. George Street. The affection showered on the Tea Party presence was incredible to behold. Approaching from the south end of St. George Street near the Cathedral, a woman from the Deaf and Blind School overwhelmed the Town Crier Chairman, with hugs and expressions, in sign language, of her appreciation for their activities.

Pictured left are a group of people taking a selfy with the Tea Party. The public’s continual photographing of the Town Criers and their postings on social media carry the Tea Party message far and wide. Pictured right are some Town Criers in front of the Bunnery, a local restaurant, which was recently targeted by Communists from Flagler College. Student’s application of “Political Correctness” to a Halloween costume Aunt Jemima was mind blowing. Flagler College is located just a few   

blocks away.

As the Town Criers made their way up St. George Street, the Indivisibles were nowhere to be found. Then two were spotted among the crowd. One can only imagine what kind of response they got with signs that said, “Reclaim Armistice Day” and “Truth Mattrs”.[Not a typo Ed]  The demographic of the people on St. George Street is national. They are the great populist movement that elected Donald Trump. The communist antiwar protest, particularly  on Veterans Day, could never be well received.

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 November 7, 2017

Who’s a Republican Anyway

Yes folks, the Trump Clubs are-a-coming and there's dancing tonight!

No, not golf clubs, but a political entity based solely on a personality. For the purest, this is dangerous territory. But for the desperate, this is their salvation. Trump, overall. Amen!

The ringmaster at this event, which was held at the St. Augustine Airport Special Events Building on Casa Cola Way, was Diane Scherff, second Vice Chairman of the Republican Executive Committee (REC). The site was the second floor location where the REC the meets on the second Thursday night of each month.  


The main attraction was a fellow named Tony Ledbetter.  Ledbetter is the   Volusia County REC Chairman. Tony is going around Florida and is starting Trump Clubs. This program is a project of the Republican Party of Florida.

At the initial meeting of the Trump Club, an ad hoc vote was taken on whether to open the meeting to All Pro Trumpsters or to limit it to Republicans in St Johns County. The ad hoc vote was an astounding 100% to let all pro Trump people of any party join the new Trump Club in St Johns County The only qualifications you need to join a Trump Club is to support Donald Trump and a willingness to fight to keep him from being impeached by the Rino Republicans and the leftist, Marxist, crazy Democrats.

This was a de facto coup d’état against the stodgy, stubborn, cantankerous REC which is now saying bye bye to the establishment. The only fly in the ointment was the fact that the meeting itself was run by present day REC officials! There are reports that a Trump Club is splitting from the Republicans in Orange County over this same issue.

So, the new Republican Club is not a Republican Club, but a new identity, a new creation which most people would consider a new political party!

Tony Ledbetter, gave a very enthusiastic, well-received pitch based on the fear that if the Republicans did not unite, Nancy Pelosi would take over the Congress in the next election. This pitch sounded, to those sitting in rapt attention, as being the same rerun of quote "We need the House", "We need the Senate",  "We need the Presidency" to get the job done. Now that they have all three branches of government the Republicans still cannot get the job done. So a new political entity is coming to the rescue. It is called the Trump Club!

A man in the crowd with a Star-Spangled cap and a Tea Party t-shirt ask for clarification from the second Vice President of the REC who was officiating the last day of the REC as we know it. She said that there were 10 subversive groups in the county that were trying to get Donald Trump impeached. The first words she said after making that announcement were, "The Tea Party" and the second was, "The Indivisibles" which she described as leftist.

The fellow with the Star-Spangled hat and the Tea Party t-shirt asked for clarification on this statement later in the evening. Diane Scherff said that it was essentially a slip of the tongue. She then went on to say how she was delighted to see the Town Criers of the Tea Party circling the historic district with the Tea Party float, the Dartmouth, that routed the Indivisibles as they attempted to disrupt the “love in” event by the REC for Donald Trump at the Castillo de San Marcos in February.

All in all, it was a interesting and slightly bizarre non-REC meeting, orchestrated by REC officials. 

The only thing missing at the meeting was a bunch of cheerleaders with pom poms singing and shouting,"Trump,Trump! He's our man. If he can't do it, no one can!"

November 1, 2017

What’s Being Taught at Flagler College?

Rules for Radical and Political Correctness?

On October 31, 2017, Halloween, a demonstration took place in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida, at a restaurant known as “The Bunnery”. Both the St. Augustine Record, and the Historic City News, reported on this event. From their reports, Flagler College student, Courtney Olson was offended by the baker’s Halloween costume. To celebrate the holiday employees at the restaurant were permitted to wear costumes. The offensive costume was that of Aunt Jemima.

Aunt Jemima is a brand of pancake mix and syrup, owned by the Quaker Oats Company of Chicago, Illinois. The trademark dates to 1893, although Aunt Jemima pancake mix first appeared in 1889. From the late 19th Century until early the 21st Century, Aunt Jemima, portrayed as a black woman, has been part of the Quaker Oats marketing strategy.

In all this time, racism has not been an issue. But, on Halloween, a white Flagler College student, at last, perceived the great sin that has been eluding us for over a century. The revelation is that the image of Aunt Jemima is racist.

Fearful that this revelation might cause a ban on Aunt Jemima products, this publication sent a photographer over to the local Target store to photograph the above-mentioned products before they are forever banished. See picture on the left. [To help our Communist readers, as Communists have no sense of humor whatsoever, the last paragraph is said with tongue-in-cheek… as in humorous. Ed]      

According to the story filed by the St. Augustine Record, this was a student demonstration. The St. Augustine Record has a long history of failing to report important details regarding political demonstrations.

Photos by TCCR Staff

HCN Photo At the Bunnery 10-31-17

The Historic City News, on the other hand, recognized the presence of the extreme radical group, Black Lives Matter (BLM). They reported that BLM and Antifa members were present in the afternoon.

When the Occupiers were present in the Plaza de la Constitucion in 2011, The Record also described it in benign terms, citing student demonstrations.

One of the participants and an organizer of the Occupy St. Augustine was community organizer Edward Adelbert Slavin. The Occupier Movement was dominated by Communists and Anarchists in the same way that Antifa is today. The photos to the right were taken at City Hall, in St. Augustine, Florida, on December 12, 2011. Mr. Slavin is pictured on the far right.

Mr. Slavin is an accomplished writer and an effective speaker. He often champions his version of the Constitution. Of late, the community organizer has been elegantly defending the First Amendment rights at the City of St. Augustine Beach Commission meetings. It’s ironic that Mr. Slavin champions free speech while associating himself with radical leftists who disrupt free speech by shouting their opponents down. It’s a tactic that has been applied on university campuses across the country and locally to the St. Augustine Tea Party’s Town Criers over the past six years. The Town Criers engage the public in the historic district of St. Augustine on a regular basis. According to the Town Criers that technique is losing its effectiveness because with the election of Donald J. Trump, fake news and the attending political correctness has been nationally exposed.                                                                                                                                                                                           Photos by TCCR Staff City Hall on 12-12-11

We do not know if Mr. Slavin had any part in the organizing of the Halloween protest. It is interesting, however, that Ed Slavin appointed himself as the moderator of the comment thread of The Record’s online account of the student’s behavior.

In true “Rules for Radical” style, Slavin took on nearly every comment that was in opposition and praised those who supported the activities of the students. His Marxist agenda was on full display.

Why is it possible for community organizers to so easily recruit young, impressionable college students to do their bidding? “No blackface. No KKK. No racist USA,” was just one of the many chants coming from the crowd, as reported by The Record. Chants do not just randomly come from crowds, they are organized. This was organized along Saul Alinsky lines, complete with the Communist rhetoric that divides and separates people and fills them with hate.

Parents send their children to universities to obtain higher education so that they are better equipped to deal with the world. They expect American culture and American values to be the core of the university experience.

The liberal arts colleges are not providing the tools necessary to retain American values. Instead, they are providing a transformation of the young people in their charge. Indoctrination has replaced education.

In an interview on September 4, 2015, University of North Florida Dean of Students, Thomas Van Schoor, when asked about the transformation of individuals, said, “Transformation means change. Without changing the individual, education does not take place." [See Tea Party Goes to College 9-4-15 Ed]

Attacking a Halloween costume of Aunt Jemima and then extracting an apology from a business owner, while interfering with the business’s trade, is a classic example of Saul Alinsky’s tactics as described in his 1971, book “Rules for Radicals”.

Flagler college students engaging in this Communist behavior and demonstrating this destructive level of Political Correctness should force parents to ask what’s being taught at Flagler college.

Are they providing the tools that will support individual liberty, the essence of being an American, or are they transforming students to the collective mindset that was displayed at the Bunnery on Halloween day?


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Diane Scherff and Tony Ledbetter

Photos by TCCR Staff

Roy Moore FB Image

Photo by TCCR Staff

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