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It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” –Samuel Adams

Town Crier Committee Report

March 21, 2015

Town Criers Awaken the Public Yet Again

A disinterested public on St. George Street turned around fast. “It was as if someone turned on a light bulb” said Lance Thate, Chair of the Saint Augustine Tea Party. “Like spring suddenly sprung and the crowd came alive.” This was the 141st trip for the Town Criers in the Country’s Oldest City. Once again, the cameras came out and the Tea Party Message was instantly posted to thousands on Facebook. The message is that the Tea Party Spirit is alive and spreading geometrically, in  numbers, as our Muslin President continues to prefer alliances with the enemies of the United States, such as Iran over Israel, and sits back as if ‘beheadings of Christians’ is no big deal. Obama did say, in his autobiography, that he would defer to Islam in a conflict. Barack Hussein Obama’s true nationality and loyalty is not that of a citizen of the United States of America, but rather that of a Muslim sympathizer. Unfortunately, for us Americans, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is a coward…afraid to say what we all know…that Obama is on a political course to destroy the United States, on purpose.

The Town Criers asked the crowd, “Obama or Israel?” There was not one person who said that they preferred Obama over Israel. Everyone knows that Obama has betrayed our allies and has joined hips with his Muslim brothers in Iran. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu sliced and diced our Muslim President and made him look weak and, frankly, more Muslim than usual. The applause of the Congress of the USA for Netanyahu enraged Obama. He sent his lackeys to Israel to attempt the removal of Bibi from office. Unlike Bill Clinton, who sent Carvel to Israel, Obama failed and Netanyahu was re-elected.      

March 15, 2015

The American Retro-Renaissance of Stupidity

I must confess my wife and I mostly hibernated from the world all weekend. That means I paid no attention to anything, including the Selma 'memorial'. I took a complete break from the 'news'. This morning I am not surprised by the accounts I've read, accounts of how His Disgracefulness behaved at Selma. After all, he is the Supreme Leader of mice. Unfortunately, he is not the leader of Men, no matter how much he pretends to 'lead' America, and to where.

I think I may have reached my limits of incredulity. So, where to, from here? I am numbed; mentally exhausted with all the incessant, mostly-uncontested public stupidisms we cannot help but witness on a daily basis. If public stupidity could be turned to gold, the national debt would be dwarfed by comparison. The public stupidity of our time is oppressive, expensive, ubiquitous, anathema, poison.

America suffers from an unrelenting national public dance of political correctness - stupidity, by any other name - in which Americans are forced to marinate daily, that whites are innately racist, that blacks are incapable of being racist, that Islam at large is harmless, that the national debt is nothing to worry about, that government is to be revered as the Arbiter and Distributor of All Fairness, that more government is always better than less government, that the Founders and their Constitution are out-dated, that Democrats naturally care and Republicans naturally don't, that government will take better care of you than you will, that conservatives are mean people, that anybody who has anything must have stolen it from the poor, that America is an evil influence in the world.....and on, and on, and on. It's all so impossibly stupid!

Is it 2015 A.D.? Seems more like 1015 A.D. Is this anything similar to what the Dark Ages were like?

That Hillary Clinton is a candidate for anything other than a jail cell is far beyond my capacity to understand. It's too stupid to contemplate. That the government now emits lies from every agency and public orifice with complete impunity is more than remarkable. It's too stupid to comprehend.

That this president is completely transforming this country's government into a giant morass of Socialist weakness, in direct opposition to its Constitution and the Oath of Office he took, and with the acquiescence of those in high places who certainly are supposed to know better, and who all took the same Oath of Office, to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution....AS IS? Is there anything more breathtakingly stupid?

In a right-side-up America, this 'American transformation' would not even be remotely conceivable, never mind actually happening. It's all too inexplicably stupid for a reasonable mind to fathom.
Forget the Meek. It now seems much more likely the Stupid will inherit the earth.

So, is this still America? I can't tell and don't rightly know anymore. Is what goes around today, this overwhelming stupidity, any kind of workable replacement for the American  Exceptionalism which, for two centuries, faithfully guided Americans to become the decent people they became, all while they furiously built the premier example of a prosperous country ever to have been accomplished by God-fearing, self-governing men?

No. Not even close.

I want to think Comeback America is still here, boiling just under the surface, about to erupt like Old Faithful, to wash away all the oppressive stupidities of political correctness.... and banish the purveyors of such garbage back into the miserable rat-holes from whence they came. That's the only route to America's survival.

But I'm thinking Comeback America will first need a miracle from somewhere over the rainbow. Pray for that Miracle, America, that we shall overcome this, our dreadful Age of Stupidity.

By John Knapp   March 9, 2015


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