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It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” –Samuel Adams

Town Crier Committee Report

January 17, 2015

Town Criers are Blessed

Town Criers back on the streets after the holiday break
The Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party, returned to the streets to assess public sentiment in the wake of the renewed terrorist activity and to assess the reaction of the public to the new Republican controlled Congress. The Town Criers have been engaging a national audience in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida for over three and a half years. [See http://www.examiner.com/review/a-look-at-town-crier-s-history ]

Over this period of time, the Town Criers have been blessed to witness the awakening of the American spirit. More and more people are tuning out to the distortions of the left wing press. The Town Criers report that the terrorist issue is not as significant in the public’s minds as it is in the media coverage. The general media, and particularly Fox news, has been wall-to-wall coverage of the events in France. As for the response to the new Republican Congress, they are extremely upset with its performance to date.

 “It’s as though the election of just over two months ago had not occurred. It’s business as usual. People want Obama’s policies stopped and what does the new Congress do? They fund Obama’s follies. And, this election of Speaker of the House business, what’s that? I called, and everyone I know called, our Congressman to urge him to vote against Boehner.  What does he do? Congressman DeSantis voted for Boehner and then sent me a lame excuse for doing it,” a woman from St. Augustine said. Texas Congressman, Lewis Gohmert reported that on the day of the election for Speaker of the House, Congressman’s offices were deluged with telephone calls in opposition to Boehner’s election. He estimated that each Congressman received in excess of a thousand calls. The constituents across America sent a message in excess of half a million no votes. The Republican leadership responded by electing Mr. Boehner.  This Republican behavior has caused resentment among the American public, and it was reflected in the streets of St. Augustine, as witnessed by this reporter.

Are the Republicans Stupid or just Arrogant?

Are the Republicans just plain stupid or is it arrogance? Town Criers believe its arrogance. With voter participation lower than any time since 1942, the Republicans managed to get more people out than the Democrats. They think they had a victory. Large numbers of voters refrained from participating. This may come to haunt the GOP if they continue on their present progressive course. The GOP leadership has convinced themselves that they do not need the Tea Party base to win elections. They have called on their members to avoid the Tea Party name and disassociate themselves with the Tea Party movement.

The National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) calls itself a grassroots movement. Locally, at least two such assemblies have been formed. One in Flagler County called the Ronald Reagan Republicans of Flagler County. And another in St. Johns County that goes by the name of St. Johns County Republican Assembly. Sharron Angle serves as president of the NFRA. You will recall that Sharron Angle was a Tea Party candidate running against Harry Reid in 2010. Angle was torpedoed by prominent Republicans after she won the primary. “For some conservatives it must of be more important to remain Republican than to join the dynamics of a movement that is moving to a constitutional America. For them, perhaps, the assemblies are a good place to hide. They can wither away as the Republican Party withers away,” a Tea Party member commented.
The Tea Party Movement Standing Strong and Tall.

The Town Criers were observed by exceptionally large crowds today on historic St. George Street due to the winter “Snow Bird “ invasion and a Pro Life Rally, which was held in the plaza. The Catholics conducted their 9th annual March for Life Saint Augustine event today.  According to a participant the event attracted an estimated 1000 people. As the event concluded, many of the people worked their way up St. George Street and came into contact with the Town Criers. Many of the demonstrators had signs. These well-intentioned people simply did not attract the attention of the crowd. St. Augustine’s re-enactors and Pirates also received little attention. Based on the density of the crowd, it was entirely possible that the  Town Criers were observed by at least eight to nine thousand people. Thousands of photographs were taken of the four Tea Party volunteers today. A sampling of that activity is pictured above. Not all of the pro-life people identify with the Tea Party as many of the pastors and priests embrace “Liberation Theology”. Liberation Theology is a Marxist concept of Christian charity. You will recall that Obama and Rev. Wright were deeply engaged in Liberation Theology. Pictured on right are three pro-life young people who wished to identify with the Tea Party.

The Criers have been carrying “Politically Incorrect” signs for the past 3 ˝ years. During that period of time, the public has responded favorably to the common sense values that the Tea Party represents. When the public comes into contact with the Tea Party’s Town Criers, the response is electric!  Smiles, cheers, clapping, thumbs up, and requests to be photographed on smart phones and sent around the Country on the internet.

The Republicans, by their actions, have discredited themselves. They have lost all credibility. Where then, can the American people turn? The Occupier movement represents, communists, and anarchists. The majority of the public wants no part of them or their 1960s style of protest.

According to a Tea Party volunteer, “The only Hope left standing is the Tea Party Movement; unshakeable because it is ‘inside’ the People. It is, by definition, the American spirit in action. The American public knows that the Tea Party movement has resisted the 1960s style of protest used by the communist occupiers in Ferguson, New York and the occupiers of the White House. The Tea Party has stood up to the GOP power brokers, and they have dug in for the duration.”

This reporter has witnessed, countless times, the honor that the public bestows on the Tea Party presence. The Town Criers are truly blessed.

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