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 June 19, 2016

Obama's Rules of

Engagement = National Suicide

By John Knapp

Politics is the practiced art of deceit, or the art of practical deceit. The American people have been sorely deceived by their leaders, as well as a great many of their not-so-patriotic bureaucratic underlings. These words will be painful to write, painful to read, painful to contemplate.

His Disgracefulness has left no stone un-turned in his relentless attack on our nation: The Rules of Engagement - the new rules for Obama-war - have been so perverted, as to be skewed toward our nation's suicide. Officially, we have only been pretending to fight, operating under Obama's rules of non-engagement...... or dis-engagement. But, last week's massacre in Orlando has brought things into clearer focus.

For starters, Obama's Rules of Engagement on the battlefield ('rules', such as they are) have had American soldiers trying to fight with one (or both) hands tied behind their backs, depending. The explanation has been that it's a different kind of war, that 'collateral' damage by American troops will not be tolerated. In the many war zones now clouding the Middle East, it's no easy task, discerning the by standing 'collateral' from actual enemy combatants. In so many ways, the two groups are commiserating, collaborating partners. Collateral damage is an important tool in winning a war quickly, but only if you are serious about winning.

What were those thousands of Americans killed on 9/11, but collateral damage, inflicted on us by our enemies? All those Americans killed (to date) on American soil by Radical Islamic Terrorists add up to our enemies' collateral damage upon us. We just buried 49 dead, the collateral damage from the Pulse Nightspot in Orlando.

Under this administration's purposely misguided policies, all of us are potential collateral damage. Enemy agents who would cause us this grief have no such medal as the Obama administration bestows upon our warriors (with a straight face), that being the 'Medal for Courageous Restraint'. Many American soldiers have been awarded this medal.... posthumously.

The second way His Disgracefulness has elevated the enemy's chances is by going down the ranks of high military officers, selecting those most capable of waging a winning war, and giving those officers their walking papers. Certainly, all military officers serve at the discretion of their Commander-in-Chief. But what purpose could there be, during a time of war, in deliberately retiring so many experienced, no-nonsense military officers? Over 300 at last count.

The third way this administration has implemented Obama's rules of enemy dis-engagement is to seed the lower ranks with all sorts of social-experimentation and morale-busting policies.....gays and transgendered openly in the ranks, moving toward including women in ground combat, lousy VA follow-up for wounded warriors, forcing women to register for the draft, imposing political correctness throughout the military, and being antagonistic to Christian soldiers' practicing their beliefs. There's even been a move to admit 50,000 illegal aliens into the armed services. (Any risk there?) Good, patriotic enlisted men are leaving the military in droves, and who could blame them?

The fourth and most insidious way His Disgracefulness displays his non-engagement of the enemy is on the home turf. The inexplicable is finally explicable. It's the reason Barack Obama will never bring himself to utter the phrase 'Radical Islamic Terrorism', which is exactly what it is. His official position on this has been laid out in his CVE policy, which is an acronym for 'Countering Violent Extremism.'

Words mean things, you know. Nowhere in the CVE handbook, do you find the phrase 'Radical Islamic Terrorism.' The various agencies of the United States Government, the first duty of which is to provide for the security of the American people, have been officially mis-directed to look for terrorism in all the wrong places, places from which it is least likely to come: militia groups, Tea Party meetings, right-wing extremists, little blue-haired old ladies attempting to board airplanes, and on and on. The Department of Homeland 'Security' has even banned the words 'Jihad' and 'Shariah' when discussing the subject of violent extremism.

In the case of the Orlando mass-murderer, the FBI studied the man for the better part of a year, but due to CVE policies, they had to discount much of what they found out about him, including his maniacal ravings on Facebook, his trips to Saudi Arabia, and his bizarre behavior at a gun shop in the weeks before the shooting. This is like a trial judge frivolously throwing out perfectly good evidence on technicalities. Only, this way, innocent people later may end up

Part of the CVE policy is for federal agencies to 'partner' with Muslim community leaders throughout the land, in the spirit of Obama’s political correctness (since Islam is supposed to be the 'Religion of Peace'), and trust Muslim community leaders to give the FBI a heads-up if they think a particular Muslim in the community is going off the rails. CVE prohibits the FBI from much free-lance investigation by crippling the way, the amount, and the content of any information they may use......until the subject actually commits a murderous act of terror. Then, the FBI is freely allowed to swoop in and chase down all the pertinent facts.

The Orlando shooter previously had worked as a gun-toting security guard for a contractor employed by DHS. He passed muster by the DHS in order to carry a weapon. Later, the shooter bought his rampage-guns at a local gun store, passing an FBI background check he should have failed with flashing red lights and a wailing siren.

So, The Orlando massacre can be tied from the Radical Muslim Terrorist, back through several federal government agencies  (and gutless agency higher-ups), right back through this mindless White House CVE policy, back to Barack Obama's deliberate efforts to dis-engage against an enemy that's sworn to decapitate America. It's as simple as that.

Incidentally, the Obama administration aided the political group that became ISIS, to seize control of the land mass where ISIS has declared its Caliphate, which intends to subjugate the world to the tenets of Islam. Is thus coincidence, or not?

Last week's budget bill included a 40 million dollar expense to keep the CVE program in place and funded for another year. House Speaker Paul Ryan came out in favor of it. CVE, again, is Countering Violent Extremism, not to be confused with 'Radical Islamic Terrorism', which officially does not exist.

CVE sounds good, until you read the fine print. Its title is governments mis-speak at best, compared to its official directives. At worst, CVE is a guarantee for more dead Americans, more collateral damage, to our side.

Just who, exactly, is in charge here, The Muslim Brotherhood?

June 25, 2016

The Bear Witness Central conference, held at the Salem Center in Jacksonville, Florida, on June 25, 2016 opened with the statement, “We are at war”. The enemy defined, by the various speakers addressing the conference, is a coalition between the Communists and Islam. The war by the Communist coalition against America has been going on for a long time, in stealth, according Rolando Perez speaking on behalf of Bear Witness Central. The speakers included Alex Newman, the John Birch society, Armando Escalante, Bear Witness Central, Frank de Varona, author and political activist, Stephen Guschov, Esq., Legal Immigrants for America, Amapolah Hansberger, speaking on “Do legal immigrants lives matter?”and Dr. Karen Effrem spoke on the Common Core issue. Also speaking was Stephanie Jason a private client services provider. Jason, from her worldwide experiences with both government and private identities confirmed that the war is real and true as depicted by the conference’s speakers.

Members of the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP) were in attendance. Pictured above with Armando Escalante are Lance Thate, SATP Chairman and David Heimbold, SATP Media Chairman. Mr. Escalante recently spoke at the SATP. Mr. Thate revealed that Stephen Guschov, Esq.  will be addressing SATP members on August 9, 2016. Alex Newman, for The John Birch Society, will addressing the SATP on August 14.

Why are Legal Immigrants Fiercely Patriotic

The attendees of the Bear Witness Central conference had a disproportion number of immigrants, legal immigrants. While fluent in English, their accents revealed their place of birth. According to the Tea Party members present, “We were not sitting among people who have a ‘lukewarm’ attitude towards being American. We were among ‘Red-blooded’ Americans, patriots all. The question comes to mind, why so passionate about an adopted country?” The answer recited over and over again,  “I’ve already lost one country to  Communism. If I lose this one to Communism; it is over. There will be no place to go.”

“We were honored to be invited to the Bear Witness Conference,” the SATP Chairman said. “Our Town Criers have been conducting a war on “Political Correctness”(PC) and, particularly, Communism...hidden under the name of...Progressivism. The word Communism is forbidden to be mentioned by virtually all Mass Media...including Fox. PC  is a sickness of the soul. Freedom of Speech is the cure. No one is more supportive than the Cuban immigrants who lived under Castro's Communist regime. God bless those who have lost their homes to those horrors of Communism, and now are here, blessed in our liberty and prepared to defend the American way of life". Thate concluded, "We wish all American citizens had the same zeal."

We Are at War with the Communists Among US  

We believe in a Constitutional Government ~ We believe in a Smaller, Less Intrusive Government ~

We believe in a Fiscally Responsible Government