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It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” –Samuel Adams

Town Crier Committee Report

December 14, 2014

Socialist Termites Eating Up USA

Guest Editorial:
By David Heimbold 

Regionalization and the “Quality of Life” song played by the Sustainability Band are creeping into every village, town, city and county in the United States, unawares. Recently, the socialist termites in St. Augustine, Florida have been plotting to ‘fix’ the Oldest City in the United States with a collective which they call ‘Vision’.  This is a ‘group think’ model, a tightly controlled agenda that makes the participants feel as if they are contributing to the VISION of fixing St. Augustine’s traffic flow, sea level heights, social intercourse of all types, bicycle paths for the masses, buses for the disadvantaged, and to “create a new city brand consistent with the vision of livable, authentic, character” and, above all, ‘sustainability’. 

All of this psycho-babble comes right out of the play book of Beatrice Webb, the mother of socialist double-talk, who ‘fell in love’ with the Soviet Communist model back in the 1920’s and 30’s. How in the world has St. Augustine survived for 450 years without the help of these ‘new age’ busybodies? These new socialist termites are swarming around St. Augustine now, but they are going to lose their teeth on the City’s coquina foundation. 

Beatrice and her husband, Stanley, back then, were convinced that Capitalism was dead, after WW1. They started the London School of Economics. They were Fabian Marxists, belonging to that group of deceivers which included George Bernard Shaw, who used to ‘bang’ his daughter. Weirdo, John Maynard Keynes and his The "Keynesian Revolution," as it is now known, transformed the Power of the State,  from protecting Life and Property, into the nanny State providing pampers for children and toilet training for adults. Keynesian Economics is taught at all Ivy League Schools…at Yale and Harvard where George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama attended. Keynesian thinking, ingrained in our best MBA’s, is best summed up in our $18 Trillion Debt.

Today, the same pattern of deception  is spoon fed to the masses of deceived Americans who have once again fallen for the Obamazation of  Health Care, open Immigration and his Religious belief that ‘carbon’ in coal, oil and human breath is  bad, but ‘wind power’ is good. This Marxist ‘Upside-Down-ism’ believes that the Free Enterprise engine which creates wealth is broken; and that the ‘Community’, the collective, the Marxist dream of egalitarianism (that has never worked) is the answer. Wrong! He and ‘it’ and the ‘social engineers’ are the problem…and they are active in your own City and County.

The terms Regionalization, Quality of Life, and Sustainability are red flags of Soviet style communism.

The Tea Party Movement is liberating the slaves of collectivism, one brain at a time. Join the movement back to individual responsibility and sanity. Merry Christmas!

December 9, 2014

Saint Augustine Tea Party has a Christmas Party

The Saint Augustine Tea Party held its fifth annual Christmas Party on December 9, 2014. This year the
event was held at the Gypsy Cab Restaurant in St Augustine, Florida. The well attended party was enjoyed by all present. The “Grass Roots” organization has been meeting bi-monthly for over four years.

Hey Santa Claus!

The best gift that our Florida Legislators can give us is “Leave us alone!”

The price of Freedom is ‘eternal vigilance’. In today’s language, it is your duty to look out for the thieves who want to steal your stuff through taxes and fees, conning you, brain washing you and dummying down your children in government schools. The price you pay is the inconvenience of turning off your television, putting on your shoes and hat, joining the Tea Party and other grass roots groups like Act for America, Oath Keepers, Bear Witness and etc. That’s how to shine the light on the leftist termites who have been eating away at the foundation principles of our Country and Florida’s education system.

The four patriots pictured, left to right, are Sheamus McNeeley, Candidate for Florida State House, Dennis McDonald, Candidate for Florida Senate Dist. 6 (Thrasher’s replacement), Lance Thate, SATP Chairman and Joe Ryan, SATP Researcher on Common Core.

This spontaneous caucus was an ‘After the Party, Party’ that took place at the Village Inn, the unofficial office of the Saint Augustine Tea Party. All are totally against “Common Core”. The two Florida Legislative candidates, above, are running to fill the seats abandoned by the ‘already elected’ legislators who are scrambling, like passengers on the Titanic, for a higher position and for personal gain. Dennis and Sheamus, sound like true Reagan Conservatives, backed up by actually fighting against the leftist’s Common Core curriculum which is now being implemented in County Schools all around Florida. McDonald’s wife, Janet, is against Common Core and is a member of the Flagler County School Board. “Anyone with a track record against ‘Common Core’ needs your vote,” according to Dave Heimbold, SATP Media Chairman.

The Republican scramble to fill Senator Thrasher’s seat, after he resigned to take the near $500,000 dream job as President of FSU, has trampled the already tarnished reputation of the Republican Party here in St. Johns County. The ‘special election’ for Thrasher’s Senate seat, has enticed two GOP local State legislators, “Doc” Renuart and Travis Hutson, to resign their elected House seats and run against each other for Thrasher’s vacant Senate seat; and Cindy Stevenson has resigned her St. Johns County Commissioner’s seat to run for “Doc” Renault’s vacated seat. Confusing? Yes.

This Republican ‘Kabuki Theater’ fiasco can be solved by putting “Doc” Renuart, Travis Hutson and Cindy Stevenson on your ‘not to vote for’ list in the January 27, 2014 special election. Footnote: The Saint Augustine Tea Party does not endorse candidates but has published a “NOT TO VOTE FOR” list in the past elections.

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