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January 5, 2018     

A New Years Prediction

All Roads Lead to Obama

The populist movement that elected Donald J. Trump, President, has a consistent history of demanding justice. That is to say, they want equal justice under the law. That applies to Hillary and Bill Clinton and those who collaborated with them. The bottom line of the Trump rallies was always, “Lock her up”. During the Presidential campaign, the most popular sign that our Tea Party’s Town Criers carried was “Hillary for Prison 2016”.

Some may have proposed jail time for Hillary Clinton out of political invectiveness. Thoughtful people, however, understand that Liberty can only exist in a society ruled by law that is applied equally to all. To that end, larger numbers of people are calling for the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation and the people associated with protecting them, to come under criminal investigation and eventual prosecution.

Flowcharts are prevalent on the Internet. They are a graphic attempt to describe the relationships  of  various people. The one above is one of the most prominent. But, it is not the only one. The lines zigzagged back and forth between the individuals involved.  Political pundits love to speculate about these persons. What is obvious in almost all of the flowcharts, and particularly the one above is a connection to Barack Hussein Obama. We at the Town Crier Committee Report find it interesting that the obvious connection to Obama and these alleged criminal acts is totally missing from the conversation. At least it is missing from mainstream media outlets.

Nobody dares to speak to the obvious. Operations on such a vast scale, as is already apparent, do not happen in a vacuum. Obama had to know about these activities. That makes him complicit. The lost emails and the attempt to destroy the equipment on which they were recorded, suggest that connections go to the very top. No one expected this to come out publicly because no one expected Trump to be elected President.

We predict that before this year is out, Barack Hussein Obama will be under criminal investigation.

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January 1, 2018

Baby it’s Cold Outside

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January 14, 2018                                                                                                               

Tea Party Tea is a Spirit of Rebellion

The Town Criers are a Committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party. When the Town Criers are on the streets of St. Augustine, they are often asked, “What kind of tea are you serving?” The Town Criers remind them that the Tea Party throws tea into the ocean; they drink coffee. Tea Party tea has the spirit of rebellion that was brewed in 1773. The Tea first flowed into what became the Tea Party movement in 2009. The Tea Party’s legacy has been:

  1. The destruction of Obama’s timeline, for the fundamental transformation he called for, with the election of 2010.  
  2. The election of the Freedom Caucus, over the objections of the GOP, in 2012.
  3. And ultimately, the election of Donald J Trump in 2016, again, over the objections of the Republican Party.

Obama never saw the Tea Party coming. And in a way, neither did the Republicans. The spirit of the revolutionary Tea of 1773 is now flowing from patriot to patriot. From one conservative group to anther conservative group. But more importantly, it is flowing into the hearts of the people. The Town Criers have been blessed to see this firsthand since 2011. The Tea Party spirit exists within the people and they honor us every time we engage them.

The people the Town Criers experience on St. George Street are the same people that elected Donald  J. Trump. Recently, the sight of their Tea Party banner, the 3% flags, a Blue Lives Matter Flag and the Tea Party’s beloved Gadsden Flags at the Christmas Parade turned the crowd into a Trump Rally. Shouts of USA, USA, USA, continued along the entire parade route.

It was stunning. This happens because the Tea Party has never betrayed the people. We reside in their hearts. Our tea flows. We are the people. We have the people. Our enemy has the government.

It is 1773 again. Our tea has been cast upon the waters. Lexington and Concord are dead ahead.

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January 12, 2018

The Evil Among Us

We have a community organizer, Ron Rawls from Gainesville, who travels to St. Augustine and to other cities, to lead a campaign against War Memorials.  They were erected to honor the fallen soldiers that never returned during the War between the States.

He does this in the name of Democracy and Social Justice.

When the majority prevails, Rawls applies the Communist idea of Democracy and takes to the streets. Aligning himself with elements of:


The local Tea Party has chosen to resist the destruction of Confederate War Memorials and the Communist and Anarchist activities of  community organizer, Rawls.

Since the staged Communist riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Tea Party has engaged the public in the streets and around the monuments on numerous  occasions. They have also been present at the Commissioner’s meetings. Tea Party members who participated in this effort are only a part of the resistance. The St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP) Chairman, Lance Thate, reports that the effort has been the result of a team endeavor. The SATP has been creating new alliances to this end. The newest alliance is with “Saving Southern Heritage-Fl” an organization from Tampa. The Tea Party has also connected with a militia group known as the 3%. Militia zones from across Florida and from Southern Georgia have participated in St. Augustine’s efforts to save the monuments.

On January 22nd the City Commissioners will be holding a Board meeting. Rawls has announced that he plans to disrupt it.

The Tea Party coalitions ask, who is really leading this assault on the cultural heritage in St Augustine?

In October, the five commissioners voted 5 to 0 to save the monuments. The most significant factor in this City Commissioner’s decision was the submission of a petition that demonstrated overwhelming support for retaining the monuments. This petition represents the people’s judgment. Jill Pacetti is responsible for creating the petition. As of  January 9th there were 11, 661 signatures on the petition.

Rawls’ reaction to the Commission decision was to try to disrupt the “Nights of Lights” celebration. Let’s examine the conduct of some of the principal players.

Vice Mayor Neville attended a Tea Party meeting and claimed that he is for retaining the monuments. But then, he is seen in public having a private conversation with left-wing political activist Jamie Perkins according to Historic City News. Neville supports Rawls at almost every opportunity.


Mayor Shaver comes to a Tea Party meeting to ask the Tea Party to stand down, by not attending the “Nights of Lights” event. The Tea Party tells  the Mayor that they will not stand down. The Tea Party advises her that they are going to be present at the monument. This was Rawls’ original destination. From reliable sources, the Tea Party is informed that the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Department escorted  a bus with 38 protesters from the Duval County line to St. Augustine.

It appears that the Mayor diverted the Rawls group from the monument, where the Tea Party waited. Rawls is given the red carpet  treatment to the gazebo, ground zero of the Christmas celebration. The St. Augustine Police Department provided an escort. Waiting at the bandstand was the St. Augustine Record. They provided a front-page favorable article the next day.

This, in spite of the fact that the public booed the Communist protesters. As a result, Rawls was forced to leave prematurely. The largely white crowd carrying Communist banners were too few in number to have an impact on a crowd of 5000. None of this was reported.


On Christmas Eve, The Record publishes a human interest story of a traumatized black woman who doesn’t go to the Plaza because of the Confederate monuments. The problem with the story is that the traumatized woman is political activist, Jamie Perkins. Somehow the Record forgets to mention that fact.

Then on New Year’s Day, The Record published a front page article, complete with a picture of Rev Ronald Rawls, pastor of the African Methodist Episcopalian Church, looking like Martin Luther King himself. The Record, naming Rawls as 1 of the 10 special people who made a difference in St Augustine. The emphasis of the article is the Confederate monument removal.

One can only conclude that the “Deep State” is pervasive at all levels of government and the propagandist media is there to assist. So we’ve come full circle from the “Deep State” in Washington DC. To the “Deep State” in St. Augustine. “Fake News” from the New York Times and the Washington Post, to “Fake News” from  The St Augustine Record.

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January 10, 2018

Tea Party Relives its Founding at its Open Meeting

The St. Augustine Tea Party held an open meeting at the Village Inn on January 9, 2018. The featured speaker was Billie Tucker. [The Tea Party holds open meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Ed]                                                                                

Billie Tucker was one of the founders of the First Coast Tea Party of Duval County, Florida. She recalled the early days of the Tea Party movement’s founding. Billie started with Rick Santelli’s rant from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on CNBC on February 19, 2009. Billie spoke fondly of the people and the meetings that led up to the first Tea Party rally at “The Landing” in Jacksonville, Florida. The event attracted 5000 people at 12 noon on April 15, 2009. Tucker then proceeded to talk about the progression from the Tea Party to Donald J. Trump. Billie Tucker was the organizer of Trump’s first Jacksonville rally, which was also held at “The Landing” on October 24, 2015.

Chairman Sounds the Alarm regarding the Nature of “Deep State” in St. Augustine

“There is an evil presence in our community which needs to be exposed and defeated”, so stated SATP Chairman, Lance Thate. Mr. Thate, in an extended report to the members, sounded the alarm regarding the connections between Progressives, “Deep State”, the Fabian Socialists, Communists and the war on American history.  The removal of statues and monuments is a symptom directly related to the perversion of American culture. You can view the entire report by opening the following link:

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   Dave Heimbold             Billie Tucker                  Lance Thate

Photos by TCCR Staff

Photos by TCCR Staff

January 7, 2018

Who are Progressives

There is an evil presence in our community which needs to be exposed and defeated.

Karl Marx envisioned a violent Communist Revolution initiated from the bottom up by the working class. After Marx died in 1883, a  new top down strategy emerged. The Fabian Socialists employed an incremental, relentless, progression towards Marx’s utopian goal…..Communism. The gradual transformation of a society, which often emerges from Governmental sources.

Today this process has recently been identified, exposed and renamed as the “Deep State”

The one thing the Fabian Communists had to do, in order to succeed, was as to maintain the deception as to who they really were. Their Coat of Arms was a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. No one gives up, willingly, their God given birth right to Liberty for a crust of bread and tyranny.

Fabian Socialism first came into existence in England, in 1884. Their concept was imported into America at the turn-of-the-20th century. It could not be identified as Communism or Socialism. It would not have been accepted at the time. So it was imported under the Progressive name. Republican, Theodore Roosevelt, was the first progressive President. There have been many since.

In 117 years, their evil has made destructive inroads in the process of transforming our founding principles. The Progressives are better understood and more accurately described if their Communist identity is exposed. Political Correctness and a propagandist media maintain their deception.

But…..they truly are in plain view:

On a local level they generally reside in the City or County administrator’s offices and in the City or County Attorney’s presence. This is because the discipline of governmental administration is basically the study of United Nation’s Regional Regulations, which incorporates the United Nation’s agenda 21 and now agenda 2030.

When Rationalization is created, the people are separated from the representatives they elect.  I don’t know how many times I had a commissioner tell me there’s nothing he or she can do about an issue, because the decision is no longer the Commissioners to make.

The Fabian Communists also have a symbol; it’s a tortoise. The tortoise represents the slow, methodical relentless, forward transformation to Communism. Underneath the tortoise are the words When I strike, I strike hard.

We are rapidly approaching the day when they will strike hard. In foreign lands where Communism prevails in totality, the Communist experience has ended in millions of deaths. Those that aid them to power are the first to go. Most of the planks or objectives of the Communist Manifesto, as written by Engels and Marx, in the mid 1800’s, have been woven into the American fabric.

We are now in the upside down, inside out, phase of their transformational revolution. A place where everything is attacked and nothing seems to make sense. A place where common sense has been extinguished. We’ve reached the point where we cannot even define gender as it relates to toilets. The fact that we discuss this issue as though it were legitimate, it shows the magnitude  of the chaos being inflicted.

Corruption is rampant. Equal justice under the law no longer applies to the elite. Our youth no longer receive an American education. With no knowledge of our history and our cultural  values; our children become easy prey.

It should be clear those political parties that have American cultural values do not rewrite American history. It is an alien political ideology that rewrites history to fit its agenda. To that end, the symbols of our history are being destroyed. They have started with Confederate monuments; it will extend to the burning of books.

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