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December 7, 2016          
America’s Domestic Enemies

The people pictured above give rise to a clear and perceptive danger. They are hostile to the American culture, to the Nation and to the welfare of the people. The 2016 election has come and gone. However, the assault on America continues. Within hours, the communists and the anarchists were in the streets. Attempts to overturn the election were underway. A recount has begun.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are radicals in the Saul Alinsky tradition. Bernie Sanders is a self-professed Communist. George Soros is an open border self-styled financier of communists and anarchists. All of these individuals have sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. All have violated their oath.

George Soros is a Hungarian immigrant whose entire political effort has been the undermining of the Constitution of the United States and the establishment of global governance. His citizenship should be revoked and he should be deported in the same fashion that Mafia leaders were deported in the past. The term “Undesirable Alien” comes to mind.

The concept of ‘equal under the law’ must be restored. Failure to do so would undermine the justice system. We are a Republic whose citizens are equal under the law. Accordingly, the Clinton family needs to face prosecution. This is not a matter of political persecution. It is a matter of criminal prosecution. If they are found guilty, they need an appropriate punishment.

Barack Hussein Obama, by nearly every act of his administration, provided grounds for impeachment. Since Congress refused to assert itself, it would be fitting to charge Obama with treason after he leaves office, so a grievous are his acts against the American people and their Constitution.

Bernie Sanders, a self-described Communist, is unfit for public office. To impose Communism on the American people would be violation of the Constitution of the United States. Imposing this standard on Bernie Sanders would be a clear signal to many who are holding elective office or who are part of the bureaucracy who are working to undermine America.

The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land. Any ideology or system of law that would subvert the Constitution has no place in America. Shariah law and Communism are two examples of systems that cannot coexist with our Constitution and our founding principles

December 3, 2016

Tea Party Meets the Christmas Joy

The St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP) participated in the 62nd annual Christmas Parade in the historic district of St, Augustine, Florida on December 3, 2016. This is the 5th time that the Tea Party has participated in the Christmas parade.

This year Tea Party members invited their extended families to ride aboard the Dartmouth. The St. Augustine Tea Party owns a float, which is a close proximity to the real Dartmouth in size. The Dartmouth was one of three ships from which tea was thrown into the Boston Harbor, as a protest, in 1773. The boat was filled to capacity with grandparents, adult children and children ranging from toddlers to teenagers. All wore festive red and green sweaters and jackets and the spirit of Christmas radiated to the parade audience.


Initially, recorded Christmas music was played. The speakers were located in the bow, so that the music was heard, by the public prior to the passage of the boat. A wireless microphone was passed among the Dartmouth’s crew and they started singing along with the Christmas carols.

Spontaneously, two six-year-olds began singing “Jingle Bells”.  SATP Chairman, Lance Thate, who was located on the bow near the speakers, reports that, “The two boys, Baron and Cole, really connected with the public. The recorded music was turned off and the boys, singing without accompaniment, began to charm the parade attendees. They would break out in a smile and many joined in with the song.” The Boys are pictured above on left. As the Dartmouth passed the crowd, with its Tea Party banners wishing a Merry Christmas, The multitude exchanged Christmas enthusiasm.

David Heimbold, SATP Media Chairman who was located amidships said, “It was the most memorable and exciting parade fun we have ever had. I’ll never forget it. It was so good!” The sight of the Tea Party engaged in good family cheer delighted the public.

Who makes up the Tea Party?
Is its movement still alive?

Reflection on the SATP’s role in Christmas parades may provide a clue. On December 4, 2010, the brand-new Dartmouth rolled down the streets of St. Augustine with the newly reorganized St. Augustine Tea Party on board. The public viewed the Tea Parties as Republican back then.                                                               

The grassroots populist movement that erupted in 2009 and 2010 never really fit the GOP’s big government globalist view. But the Tea Party‘s connection with the Republicans did interfere with Obama’s transformation of America; the timeline was disrupted. The Tea Party has been able to distance itself from the Republican corruption and emerge as its original populist identity. Donald Trump plugged into that identity. He recognized it as a movement, not of his making, but a movement to unite the country. The same people who rallied in 2009 and 2010 are the people that attended the Trump rallies of 2016. The American people have placed their trust not in the two political parties, but have placed their trust in a man who says he will put Americans first. This is something that the elitist leadership of both parties has never done.

 From a media point of view, the high water mark for the Tea Party movement was in 2010. Their influence on the Republican Party was resisted by the party in the same way that the GOP condemned and despised the Republican Liberty Caucuses. The leadership of the Tea Party movement was far too idealistic, and Constitutional for either party to embrace. The pragmatic, Donald Trump, although not a Tea Party Candidate, identified with the "Movement" and jumped on the train to the call of the conductor "All aboard! Express train to Vermont… Destination, Washington, D.C." The rest is history.

So when asked who makes up the Tea Party and is it still alive and viable, the SATP Chairman responded with,

“As the media coverage of the Tea Party went from extensive in 2010 to nearly nonexistent in 2016, the support and respect of the American people for the Tea Party over the six-year period has expanded. I base that statement on first-hand experience in engaging with the public. Our Tea Party involves itself on a regular basis with a national audience. Parades in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida, are just one of our activities. We have not seen a decline, disrespect or indifference from those who are exposed to our presence. On the contrary, the excitement for our populist movement is as great today among the people as it was six years ago; perhaps even greater. The 2016 election is an example of that populist movement. Trump is not a Tea Party President. He is but a few steps on the long journey along the road of liberty. God help him if he betrays the populist movement that has embraced him.

Who is the Tea Party? The Tea Party is the vast majority commonly called “We the People”.  We are feared by the Communist left   media which by the way does not speak for us. The GOP and the media berate us, but we still are alive and are united.”                                 

Two little boys singing in a Christmas parade on a Tea Party float, made a connection between the family values of the Tea Party and the crowd who are preparing to celebrate Christmas. The excitement of Christmas and the joy it brings reverberated. The leftist media doesn’t like the word Christmas. The Tea Party shouts with joy, “Political Correctness” be damned.

Photos by TCCR Staff

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