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Photos by TCC Staff

November 24, 2015

SATP Salutes the St. Augustine Police Dept. for their Service

On November 24, 2015 the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP), at an open meeting, conducted at the Village Inn in St. Augustine, Florida, paid tribute to the St. Augustine Police Department for their service to the community. Pictured above is a presentation of a plaque given to Police Officer Chris Miller. The award was presented by SATP Chairman Lance Thate to Officer Miller who was designated officer of the year by the SAPD. The Tea Party wished to show their support for law enforcement in an era that seems so hostile to those in blue who serve and protect. The St. Augustine Tea Party has been active in this area for over five years. It is fitting that this first award being presented is to St. Augustine Police Department because at least 90% of our Tea Party activity takes place within their jurisdiction. The relationship between our Tea Party volunteers and law enforcement has been one of mutual respect.

Prior to the presentation Chairman Thate made the following observations. Today, it appears that the police are under attack across the nation. The media is quick to promote the idea that the law enforcement is at fault and not worthy of public support. Frequently, the race card is played. The current administration, often, takes sides against those charged with maintaining the law. There is an alienation process at work separating the police and the people they serve. With a community organizer in the White House and his legions of Saul Alinsky-ites in the streets, organizations such as the “Occupiers”, “We are the 99” and most recently , “Black lives Matter” have been created to agitate and disrupt. 

The Town Criers, a Committee of the SATP, engaged the Occupiers here in St. Augustine in 2011. The “Occupy St. Augustine” movement was organized by communists, and anarchists which has been the pattern throughout the country.  [Though, the St. Augustine Record used more politically correct terms for the organizers here.] On their biggest day the Town Criers were outnumbered ten to one. The Criers took verbal abuse because they would not join the Occupier event. After attempting an occupation over a two month period, the Occupier numbers were reduced to one while Town Criers numbers remained unchanged. During the entire period the Town Criers stood their ground without incident. The Tea Party fights a war against political correctness.

Back then Occupiers would carry signs that asked the question, “Liberals, is it Okay to Riot Yet?” Apparently organizers have given its okay. Civil unrest and riots come to mind in places like Ferguson and Baltimore. The police officers have come into the crosshairs of those who wish to transform America.

For the left to succeed in the transformation of America, they will have to disrupt local law enforcement. The US Attorney General has recently announced the “Strong City Network”, which crosses international borders and would necessitate UN involvement for law enforcement. Liberty will not reside in a transformed America envisioned by those promoting the Marxist ideology

“The time has come for the great majority of “We the People” to embrace our Constitutional Republic. Our Republic did not envision a federal police force.  Law enforcement was constructed to be administered locally within designated jurisdictions. That model has served us well for over 220 years. We are fortunate to live in a community where the police force has demonstrated its resolve to protect the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America,” Mr. Thate said.

Attorney Malcolm Anthony Featured SATP Speaker

Local attorney Malcolm Anthony was the featured speaker of the evening. Mr. Anthony recently announced his candidacy for the US House of Representatives, district 6.

Anthony Demands a Return to Constitutional Law

Mr. Anthony made an impassioned plea to confine the federal government to the constitutional limits envisioned by the founders. He exposed executive and judicial abuses so prevalent in Washington today. With a Congress which refuses to assert itself, we have reached a dangerous point in our history. He expressed a desire to go to Washington to try and rectify the situation. Anthony has been supportive of the SATP’s First Amendment struggles. His wife, Andrea Anthony, is also an outspoken advocate of the First Amendment.

Clearly, the members of the SATP were supportive of his remarks as revealed in the question and answers session that followed.

The meeting was concluded with the usual straw poll for presidential contenders. The SATP membership continues to vote along the lines of the national polls with Trump, Cruz and Carson the preferences.

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