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It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” –Samuel Adams

Town Crier Committee Report

The Truth makes us free…We live in an Era of Lies

October 2, 2015

Commissioner Jimmy Johns holds Town Hall Meet and Greet
Conjecture and Reality Come Together
On September 29, 2015, County Commissioner James Johns conducted, a town hall styled, Meet and Greet at the Southeast Branch Library, 6670  US 1 South, St Augustine, Florida. Commissioner Johns represents District 1. The meeting was held in district 3. The Commissioner explained that since his voting affects all districts, it was important to see how people feel about various issues around the County. Approximately half of the people were from District 3. The remaining half of the audience was represented by members of the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP).
The people from District 3 expressed their appreciation to the Commissioner for coming to their district. The local people were concerned with high density projects being proposed in their district. Currently, the district is low-density and has extensive environmentally protected areas.

The people from the SATP, who have become more politically astute in the past six years, reported that it might have more to do with the need to get elected. Commissioner Johns was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott to fill a vacancy. The Tea Party’s concerns were almost identical to the local people’s concerns, except on a broader scale. Rose Bailey spoke on the issue of North East Regional Planning Commission regulations that disenfranchise voters from their elected officials.   The UN’s Agenda 21 and Regionalization are designed to disrupt local and state governmental districts. Other Tea Party members also spoke of the problematic federal grants that Commissioners are prone to accept, which inevitably grows government and raises taxes in the long run.  A particular concern to one Tea Party member, Kelley Lorbeer, was HUD Grants which are being considered in St. Johns County. Clearly the problems of Regionalization and the concerns of the local people in District 3 came together. At one point, the conversation shifted to the subject of who pays for development. The Tea Party and the local District 3 people clearly expressed their desire to have the corporate developers pay for their development. Commissioner Johns proclaimed that the Board of County Commissioners rejected a recent sales tax increase. It should be pointed out that a short time after the rejection, the school board went ahead with the increase and that occurred with the approval of the County Commissioners. When challenged, the Commissioner said that, “He had to vote because an attorney had advised him that to do otherwise would cause a lawsuit which they couldn’t win.” SATP Chairman, Lance Thate, interjected the question, “Was it the County Attorney who advised you?” The audience erupted in unanimous laughter. “Apparently, the Commissioner did not like the reaction. He was careful to give everyone an opportunity to speak except the SATP Chairman,” Dave Heimbold, SATP Media Chairman remarked. In an interview after the meeting, Mr. Thate was asked, “Are you upset with the fact that the Commissioner did not recognize you?” “No, not at all. I did have some comments regarding the County Commissioners relying on County employees for legal advice. But, on second thought, it would be better to address the issue in front of the entire` board. I think Commissioner Johns did a fine job here tonight. And I wish him well.”

October 1, 2015

Town Crier Committee Report Starts its Fifth Year
This month marks the beginning of the fifth year of the publication of this report. Our first issue went out to 80 people. Four years ago, local Republican operatives attempted a complete takeover of the St. Augustine Tea Party in order to disenfranchise the “grassroots” members from their own Tea Party. The primary reason for the report was to demonstrate that the original “grassroots” Tea Party, in St. Augustine, Florida, had survived the attempted coup and was still viable.  The Republicans saw the Tea Party as a vehicle for electing Republicans; the “grassroots” members saw a much greater mission ahead. Time has proved that “We the People” had a much clearer vision of what needs to be done to preserve the Constitution and the liberty it provides. The Republican Party has lost its way.

St Augustine Tea Party having National Impact

St. Augustine offers a unique opportunity because of the many visitors, from across the country, to the historic district. The St. Augustine Tea Party exploits that opportunity. This report chronicles the activities of the Tea Party and its Town Crier Committee. The content of the “Town Crier Committee Report” is all original material. We do not publish articles that originate elsewhere. Today, this report reaches a vastly expanded audience in every state of the Union and 37 foreign countries. The “grassroots Tea Party” movement is alive and well. Local politics are often a microcosm of what is happening on a national level. This is certainly true in St. Johns County, Florida. Our articles appeal to the folks in St. Johns County and to the nation, as well.A special thanks to our Webmaster, Steve Cashat; to our mailing list manager, Joyce Ferrigno, to our proofreader Ellen Heimbold; to our cartoonist Steve Moranda; to software and technical adviser, Bob Kuczewski; to the many writers who contribute, Dave Heimbold, John Knapp, Joe Ryan, Peter Royal and to the authors who wish to remain anonymous.  I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who make this report possible.  

Lance Thate, Editor

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