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It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” –Samuel Adams

Town Crier Committee Report

April 15, 2015

Commissioner Smith Meets his Socialist WorldOMG...Commissioner Jeb Smith, himself, experienced the insanity of St. Johns  County bureaucrats gone bonkers.

The exasperation of Commissioner Smith in recalling his own experience, as Commissioner, of being excluded from the meeting that following a request to lower  the overhead doors on a public building, was a wonder to behold. Mr. Smith, speaking at the St. Augustine Tea Party, had a controlled, public catharsis as he relived what all of us have experienced in dealing with the dunderheads at the county every day. So, the request to "lower the doors" on a building that Mr. Smith had used for 20 years for 4H events, snowballed into a meeting of lawyers, code enforcers, and bureaucrats that concluded in a proposal to spend $3,000,000 on a new facility. What's new? .     The conclusion of the matter is , St. John County employees have an “Adversarial Attitude” in dealing with the public. Instead of being helpful, the culture is to say, "No.” It is all about them and not the public. Welcome to the Socialist World, Mr. Smith.
Who's really in charge?
It takes no more than a casual encounter to realize that it is the County administrator , Michael Wanchick, and his army of bureaucrats. The battle cry, “Quality of Life”, rings through the halls of county government. “Quality of life” together with “Sustainability”, clearly marks the direction of the Socialist bent. The public is fed up with the growth in government. They don't want it at the state or local level and they are about to rebel at the federal level.
Put Mr. Wanchick in his place, Mr. Commissioner!

April 15, 2015

Commissioner Jeb Smith, Sales-tax Issue and the Tea Party The drama for the evening at the St. Augustine Tea Party meeting on April 14, 2015, was Commissioner Smith’s defense of his vote to study a sales tax increase in St. Johns County, Florida.

Mr. Smith's reason for continuing the 'study' was to bring to light the fact that farmers and businesses in his rural district are getting hammered with absurd ad valorem tax increases, yearly. He claimed that his farmer father's tax increase was 21% this year. (A maximum increase for home owners is 3%). Commissioner Smith's support for the 'study' was to find a way to equalize the tax burden. 

Mr. Smith revealed that he got lots of angry phone calls from constituents who were not pleased with his voting for a sale-tax 'study’. Had Commissioner Smith voted "No" on February 17th, on the second vote, it would have killed the sales tax effort.

Mr. Smith championed the idea of imposing a sales tax increase in St. Johns County if the revenue was used for rollback ad valorem taxes. That way, more people would be carrying the tax burden. This concept is not entirely rejected by fiscal conservatives.
Many conservatives support the idea of consumption taxes, sales taxes and user fees. It is a better way to raise revenue as it involves more individuals. They also believe that such taxes would have an ability to improve the economy only if they replaced the existing taxes such as property and income taxes. Sales taxes are usually promoted on the basis of promising that the funds will be used for a popular purpose. In neighboring Putnam County, for example, when the sales tax was voted in the politicians promised that the money would be used to improve roads. Few roads were improved and now the revenue is being used to pay interest. When asked by a Tea Party member if the rollback feature could be changed after the sales tax was in place, Mr. Smith indicated that it could. Commissioner Smith, a very gifted speaker, made a great presentation. However, the distrust of the current Board of Commissioners and future boards failed to convince many at the Tea Party meeting.

It is a Spending issue, not a Revenue issue     

Of course, the Tea Party position is that they are  “Taxed Enough Already”. Frank Bailey, a new Tea Party member, recently said after listening to a long, complicated presentation by Denver Cook about the County’s budget, “Sounds to me like you can solve the problem, just by cutting every department 10%. Any business knows how to do this without disrupting activities and the County  can learn how to do this as well.” The County has a spending problem and all the talk about a sales tax, being pushed by the County Administrator, is a diversion from recognizing the real situation.

April 14, 2015

Guest Editorial

On Citizens and Natural Born Citizens

By John Knapp

I'm not disputing that Barack Obama is a U.S. Citizen. Nor do I dispute that Marco Rubio is a U.S. Citizen. When Obama was born, he had an American mother and a Kenyan father, so he had a dual citizenship, one from each parent. When Marco Rubio was born, his parents were still Cuban émigrés, and not yet American Citizens, which in today's parlance, made Marco Rubio an 'anchor baby'. Marco was born in 1971. Marco's parents didn't get their U.S. Citizenship until 1975.

So, though both Obama and Rubio are rightfully U.S. Citizens, neither are 'Natural' Born U.S. Citizens, according to the Founders' meaning and intentions, because neither was born to two American Citizen parents at their time of birth. (Ted Cruz may have this same 'problem'....as though it seems to be a 'problem' anymore.) Please understand, I believe a President Rubio or a President Cruz would very likely be The natural Reaganesque, whereas His Disgracefulness proves himself daily to be a disciple of Karl Marx.

The Natural-born Citizen concept was a very salient point to the Founders, who thought enough of the idea that they enshrined Constitutional restrictions for the offices of President and Vice-President, so that all future occupants of those two offices would, hopefully, have political allegiance only to the United States.

Barack Obama is a textbook example of how blatantly ignoring the Founders' wisdom on this can come back to bite America on the butt. At best, Obama's allegiances are woefully mixed. At worst,  purposely intended to be anathema-tic to American interests, both at home and abroad.....past, present, and future.

It's not that hard to understand. The U.S. Constitution plainly states in Article II, Section 1 : 'No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of the President;...'

There used to be this simple, well-understood distinction, that there might be enough difference between being a Citizen and being a Natural Born Citizen, to perhaps matter at the highest level of American government. However, over time the Supreme Court has managed to muddy the issue. When the Constitution was written, it was accepted that Citizenship comes down to the child through the citizenship of the child's parents, that the citizenship of the parents was simply a birthright-inheritance, to be automatically conferred upon the child at the time of its birth.

The Founders would insist there was no such thing as an 'anchor baby', because the children of illegal immigrants would inherit the citizenship of their parents, depending on their parents' actual citizenship. The former orderliness of American society is being destroyed, when our borders are no longer recognized, whereby a flood of unknown illegal aliens are able to Balkanize  (i.e., 'invade') the country, whereby the meaning and value of American Citizenship is consequentially, substantially, and permanently diluted......even in the pursuit of the highest office in the land.

To prove the 'powers that be' still recently paid any regard to the concept of what it means to be a Natural Born Citizen, please ponder this: John McCain was born in Panama of two U.S. Citizen Parents. Well before the 2008 election got under way, a bill quietly went through the Congress which stipulated that John McCain was a U.S. Citizen, even though he was born in Panama. When McCain eventually won the Republican nomination for President, the RNC sent a form letter to all 50 state Attorneys-General, notifying them John McCain was the Republican nominee for President, that he was a Natural Born U.S. Citizen, and to please put his name on their respective state's ballot in November. I have a copy of that RNC letter to the Florida Attorney-General.

Comparatively, when Obama was nominated, the same sort of form letter went out to all 50 states' Attorneys-General, but that letter attested only that Barack H. Obama was the DNC's candidate for President, and to please list him on their state's ballot. The letter was signed by Nancy Pelosi, but made absolutely no mention of Barack Obama's Citizenship, Natural-Born or otherwise. I also have a copy of that letter.

So, the Attorney Generals of all 50 States failed to notice this glaring discrepancy between the two letters. Or, they just didn't care enough to ask any relevant Constitutional questions?

The American people have no idea of the fraud that is upon them.

John Knapp         April 14, 2015

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