October 2, 2017

I Called the NFL.....Some Thoughts

by John Knapp

I just tried to call the NFL. A prerecorded, grumpy-sounding male voice came on and said all the lines were tied up. I think a whole bunch of ordinary American folks are giving them a well-deserved ear-full! Are there any grown-ups working for the NFL?

Patriotism aside, do the dumb dopes in the NFL  know who their fan base is, and the reasons why their customers watch? Do the dumb dopes in NFL management understand they're cutting their own throats here? Why can't the NFL owners understand that employees doing things to damage their employers' livelihoods is a fire-able offense, that the first amendment does not guarantee this 'kind' of free speech? (Note to NFL owners : You can't yell 'FIRE!' (as a joke) in a crowded theater, either. Same reason.)

Does anyone at the NFL have a clue? Not to mention league rules dictate that all players shall stand with helmet off as a sign of respect while the National Anthem is being played, and that it's mandatory to play the National Anthem before every NFL game? What's next, protesting Air Force jet fly-overs just as the anthem ends? 

Time out!! When did the NFL become such a bunch of Snowflakes?

They must be - !all together now! - out of their minds! Must be all those football concussions. Maybe football should be outlawed. It makes players, management, and owners.....jus plain stoopid.


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October 1, 2017

TCCR Starts its 7th Year

The Town Crier Committee Report (TCCR) begins its seventh year of publication with Vol 7 No 01. In addition to our monthly mailing the original source articles are posted on the St. Augustine Tea Party website as the stories unfold. www.staugtea.com

On the website, a complete record of the Town Crier’s activities has been recorded in the archives section. The evolution of the Tea Party movement from Tea Party to Trump has been faithfully recorded with original source reporting.     

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The modern day Town Criers first engaged the public on Flag Day, 2011 in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. Like the Town Criers of old, their mission was to sound the alarm and to be the source of public information.

Town Criers Sound the Alarm

The Town Criers, early on, identified Barack Hussein Obama as a Communist. By Memorial Day of 2012, they were carrying signs throughout the historic district stating the fact. The Town Criers, from the very beginning, understood that the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party were not a good fit. A great battle between the populist Tea Party movement and the GOP ensued. Today the need to sound the alarm is greater than at any time during their existence according to the Town Criers.

 Photo by TCCR  Staff                                                                                                                                                                   

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October 15, 2017

More Holes than a Rusted Out   Bucket

On October 9, 2017, we published an article which addressed some of the issues regarding the Las Vegas shooting occurrence. The article was based on the timeline provided by law enforcement at the time. Since then, the timeline has changed several times.

The timeline changes center around Jesus Campos, the security guard, who was present on the 32rd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino during the Las Vegas shootings on October 1, 2017. The issue revolves around whether his encounter was during the mass shooting or before the mass shooting started. The Blaze reported that this had to do with potential lawsuits against MGM, the owner of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. When people start playing with a criminal investigative timeline, it always leads to an inability to trust the investigative process.

In addition to the timeline question, substantial dis-information has been present. One story, which has been determined to be a fake, had Campos in suite 32135 as a 2nd shooter. Then the photos of Campos receiving a heroes award from the Security Police and Fire Professionals Union (SPFPU) ends up with controversy. One claim is that the photos have been Photo-shopped. The Photoshop date is 24 hours before the event. Another that the man pictured is actually an airline executive from Venezuela.

Jesus Campos Disappears

Just prior to an interview session with five media outlets, Jesus Campos mysteriously disappears. A Sean Hannity interview is also canceled. According to The Blaze, whose source is KVVU TV, David Hickley, President of the SPFPU had been representing Campos. The union had been preparing him for media interviews for four days. The union representatives stepped out of the room for a brief private meeting with MGM envoys. When they returned Campos was gone. Hickley said, “Right now I’m just concerned where my member is and what his condition is, this is highly unusual. I’m hoping everything is okay with him…”

There are also reports from investigative journalist Laura Loomer, that Jesus Campos was scrubbed from the MGM employee database and that MGM would not confirm his current status. Loomer  also claims that armed security guards are patrolling at the Campos’ residency.

Also being reported by various sources is the fact that the State of Nevada requires all security guards to be registered and licensed. Online searches with the state reveal that Jesus Campos is not registered as a security guard.

Cover-up, Being Implemented.

15 days have passed since 59 people lost their lives. What was known on the first night is still the official story today with little changed. Stephen Paddock fired multiple rounds from room 32135, in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. He acted alone and no motive has been established. Jesus Campos, the security guard, was unknown to the public at the time of the shooting.

The two closest witnesses to the event are the shooter and the security guard. One is dead and the other is mysteriously missing. In their place is a maze of contradictions changing timelines and dis-information. We have seen this before in other mass shootings in various other locations over an extended period of time.

It seems that every time there is a mass shooting, there is a quick rush to judgment. The locations, the assailant’s name and the timelines vary. But the story always seems to be the same. And in almost all cases, there is no trial because the shooter, and it’s always a lone shooter, is dead. The public is asked to believe the results of the FBI’s evaluation, the media evaluation and the politician’s evaluation. In an era where these institutions are without credibility, the question is, who do you trust?

To aid in the cover-up, media propagandists are now shifting the focus of their coverage back to the NFL and to the emerging Hollywood sex scandals.

If an internet news source varies from the mainstream norm, they are immediately branded with the conspiracy label. With this condemnation their story is considered invalid. Our last article suggested, the most likely scenario was a “Deep State” involvement with a shadow government functioning. The likelihood that the truth lies in that direction continues.

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October 11, 2017

Tea Party Continues Its Mission

Photos by TCCR Staff

The Tea Party, in St. Augustine, Florida, known as the St. Augustine Tea Party, has been conducting open speaker meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month since its inception in 2010.

 In a time when many Tea Parties have either shut down or reduced their activities, this group continues its mission. According to its Chairman, Lance Thate, this past Tuesday night was the 169th open meeting. 169 speakers have been presented to the community at large, and  the Tea Party members. When business meetings and committee meetings are adding to the open meetings, it is estimated that the Tea Party members have assembled at the Village Inn, 314 times.

Last night, the speaker was Randy McDaniels, pictured above with Chairman Thate. Mr. McDaniels is the President of Act for America, Jacksonville. Act for America is a group that exposes the dangers of Islamic Terrorism and the effects of Sharia Law on American culture. Sharia Law is not compatible with the US Constitution. McDaniel’s presentation emphasized the cooperation between Islamic Terror and the Radical Left.

The Women’s March of January 21, 2017, in Washington DC was organized by Linda Sarsour, a supporter of Sharia Law and Islamic Terror organizations and the Communist Left. This is of particular interest to the St. Augustine Tea Party because this foul union gave rise to the Women’s March in St. Augustine. It was this event that ushered in the Communist front organization known as the Indivisible St. Johns. The Indivisible has been pretending to be a Tea Party and sometimes using Tea Party tactics in St. Augustine.

The local Tea Party has  confronted them successfully on several occasions, when they venture into the historic district.

 [ http://saintaugustineteaparty.org/pdf/Town%20Crier%20Committee%20Vol%206%20No%2006.pdf]

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October 9, 2017

Las Vegas Shooter and Deep State Connection


The media, from both sides of the aisle, has focused their coverage on the horror of the act and the motive being unknown. The lack of a social media account, such as Facebook, makes Stephen Paddock a mystery man. America’s propagandists, sometimes referred to as the media, anguish over the dilemma. Social media makes it easy to identify a person’s motives, they say. Here, the media is going to have to use cognitive reasoning and search out the facts. Perhaps a lost art in the current state of media coverage.                            

Is the mystery man really unknowable? According to the US Office of Personnel Management, Stephen Paddock started his working career in federal employment.  He was a US Postal Service letter carrier in the mid 70s; an agent with the Internal Revenue Service from 1978 to 1984; he worked for the Defense Contract Audit Agency in 1984 and 1985. During this time, Stephen Paddock’s father was wanted by the FBI for a jailbreak in 1969. Benjamin Hoskins Padlock had been serving a sentence for armed bank robbery.

After about 10 years in government service, at a relatively low level, Stephen Paddock emerges as a multimillionaire real estate mogul and professional gambler.

Stephen Paddock never had a job that wasn’t connected to the federal government. Paddock’s father, who had a colorful career as an escaped criminal, making the FBI’s most wanted list, adds flavor. Paddock’s sudden financial independence suggests that perhaps his federal employment expanded into the intelligence field. For the sake of conversation, let’s say the CIA.

According to numerous conflicting interviews by his brother, Eric Paddock, Stephen is just an ordinary guy who likes privacy, is generous to those around him, takes care, financially, of those he loves, sends cookies to his mother and has almost unlimited wealth to allow him to do things other people cannot do.

When asked about the extensive gun ownership, Eric Paddock, reportedly knows nothing about it. He doubts that his brother has familiarity with weapons. But then later in another interview, Eric Paddock asked the media if they ever fired an automatic weapon. He implies that he and his brother have and tripods are necessary because the fully automatic weapons are unwieldy.

Eric Paddock’s explanation as to why his brother committed this horrendous act, suggests that “Men in Black Suits” made him do it. Thus, invoking images of MK Ultra, the CIA’s mind control program.

It’s déjà vu

It’s déjà vu; Dallas 1963, the JFK assassination, the rush to a single shooter, motive questionable, cover ups with planted evidence and suspected CIA involvement.

Today the CIA connection has been confirmed. Lee Harvey Oswald, who somewhat resembles Paddock in appearance, has been added to the CIA Memorial Wall at Langley, the CIA’s headquarters in Virginia according to various sources.

 Leaked Crime Scene Photo                                    Lee Harvey Ostwald 1963

We cannot know the fullstory at this moment. But neither can law enforcement. That did not stop them from declaring that this shooting was the result of a single individual. The bullets had hardly stopped flying when that conclusion was reached. That is in spite of the fact that Las Vegas probably has more cameras in public areas in any city in the world, making the amount of evidence in this case far-reaching.

It has been reported that the shooter had meticulously planned this event. Before deciding on Las Vegas, Paddock checked out other possible venues. He looked at Chicago’s “Lollapalooza Concert”, a Hard-Rock affair and Fenway Park in Boston. Fenway was ruled out for target considerations. Perhaps, Lollapalooza was ruled out for political reasons. The country music concert in Las Vegas would be populated by “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) patriots. Proof of this reasoning was displayed by the fact that just prior to the shooting 22,000 people celebrated the country by singing, “God Bless America”. Radical leftists do not sing patriotic songs. They are about destroying America’s culture.

 The alleged crime scene photo pictured below is not the scene where thousands of rounds would have been discharged. The Los Angeles Times reports that the body was found at the broken window where the alleged shooter discharged thousands of rounds. Clearly the photo shows less than one 30 round magazine had been fired from that location. The floor should have been covered with thousands of shells, less than 30 are shown. According to TCCR interviewers with weapons experts and gunsmiths, this scene would have been very different. Shells numbering in the thousands should have been scattered all over the floor. According to the experts, the shells, based on the rate of firing, would have been extremely hot. Causing burns and potentially even starting a fire. The room would have been saturated with gun smoke. This should have set off the fire alarms. If the shooter had disabled the fire alarms prior to shooting, that would have brought attention to the hotel management immediately.

According to law enforcement timelines, gun fire lasted for 10 minutes. Based on the number of weapons and ammo found in the room, a single shooter had greater capacity than 10 minutes. It appears that Paddock’s plan was to fire for longer than 10 minutes and then simply leave the room and walk to his car. This is based on the contents of his car, which had additional weapons and explosives. The complete mission is unknown. But early on, an unarmed- hotel security guard, Jesus Campos, interrupted the gunman’s plans. Surveillance cameras had been placed to cover the outside hall leading to his room. Paddock, detecting the guard, fired through the door, wounding him in the leg. Two minutes later, law enforcement was on the 32nd floor. A minute later the shooter’s exact location was known. Escape was not possible for Paddock. Thousands of rounds were fired. There is little doubt about that. But the photo being distributed by various media sources is a fake. If it is not fake, then Paddock only fired 30 or so rounds from that location in room 32135. That leaves a big question, who fired the rest? It is possible that he fired from the other broken window location in the adjoining room. But that does not solve the smoke alarm problem. There are numerous reports of multiple shooters.
Motive is in Plain View  
The most likely scenario is that Stephen Paddock has had an ongoing relationship with the federal government his entire adult life. The first 10 years overtly; the balance covertly. Donald Trump’s “Draining the Swamp” has serious implications for the intelligence services. It has been reported that Paddock had no political interests. As an agency member, however, his concern for the agency would run deep. Deep as in “Deep State”. This has a CIA smell to it, with many parallels to their 1963 involvement in Dallas, Texas. Government employees and agents, according to “The Hill”, supported Hillary Clinton over, Donald Trump in a range of 94 t0 99%, depending on the department or agency. Paddock was part of the domestic terrorist attack initiated by Deep State individuals with the purpose of spreading fear and apprehension among the American people, to undo the election of 2016 and to give credence to an assault on the second amendment. The attack in Las Vegas demonstrates that a shadow government is functioning apart from the duly elected government of November 2016.

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