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Trevor Loudon to Address SATP

In an interview after the meeting, Lance Thate, Chairman of the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP), revealed that arrangements had been made with Mr. Loudon to have him as a featured speaker at the next open meeting of the SATP on September 27, 2016. “It will be a doubleheader. First, our own, Rose Bailey will be speaking about HUD and government control of our private property. Then Trevor Loudon will make his presentation.  To fit the time constraints, the normal SATP Officer's reports will be removed from the agenda,” Chairman Thate announced.

“The St. Augustine Tea Party meets at the Village Inn, which is located at 900 Ponce de Leon Boulevard (US 1 N), St. Augustine, FL 32084. The meeting begins at 6:30 PM on 9-27-16. We will open the meeting promptly at 6:30 because of the doubleheader presentation,” Thate concluded.

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September 18, 2016

The Back of the Never Trump Movement Broken

Last Obstacle to Trump Removed

Establishment Media Outraged
The back of the “Never Trump” movement has been broken. The last obstacle holding such notables as Glenn Beck, Eric Erickson and Jason Phillips from endorsing Trump has been removed. The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon have paved the way to a Trump victory.

It’s official….

Trump’s Hair is Real

This closely guarded secret being revealed has outraged the establishment media. Jimmy Fallon branded a traitor by the left. Donald Trump now has a clear path to the White House. Never before in history has an American President been elected based on his hair style and whether it is real or not.

This truly, is no ordinary election.

Photos by TCC Staff

September 25, 2016

New Pre-Debate Poll

The clock is ticking. The race for the Presidency is coming down the stretch. And Trump is leading by over three lengths in the latest St. George Street Poll, taken in the historic district of St Augustine, Florida, just two days before the first debate. The results are as follows:

TRUMP      57%

HILLARY     17%

NEITHER    26%

There was much more calling out loud of the candidates names as the people passed the pollster on Saturday, September 24th...both for Hillary and for Donald Trump. It could have been the urgency of the hour.

Surprisingly, the tally for “Neither” of the two candidates was a whopping 26%.


Photos by TCC Staff

That's over a quarter of those polled today.  

The poll is a face-to-face random selection of voting age Americans. The demographic is national. The St. Augustine Tea Party has been conducting these polls for the past 20 months.

Watch for the follow-up poll after the debate right here at

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September 21, 2016

“The Enemies Within”

Act for America and Bear Witness are two organizations fighting for Liberty by exposing the Islamic and Communist threats to our internal security. On September 21, 2016 a meeting sponsored by both organizations was conducted at Salem Center, in Jacksonville, Florida. Bear Witness reports that approximately 100 people attended. The featured speaker was Trevor Loudon. Mr. Loudon, a renowned investigator and author on the subject of communist infiltration in the Western world, presented his full-length video of “The Enemies Within”.

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