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Photos by TCCR Staff

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March 10, 2017

      Photo by TCCR Staff

Communist Left Demonstrate in Historic St. Augustine

On March 8, 2017, a group of about 150 to 200 demonstrators held a Candlelight Vigil and March in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. This was a celebration of the International Women’s Day (IWD).

The IWD has been used by the Communist Left to promote world government and communism since 1909. In America the IWD was started by the Socialist Party of America. On March 8, 1917 women textile workers demonstrated in Petrograd, Russia. Many attribute this demonstration with the start of the Communist Revolution in Russia. Vladimir Lenin declared it an official holiday in the Soviet Union.

Petrograd Soviet March 8, 1917

In 1977, the UN General Assembly called for March 8th to be UN Day for Women’s Rights and World Peace. The brightly colored areas depicted in the map, right, clearly show that people officially recognize March 8th in areas that  are either Communist, or have been Communist.                               

George Soros has contributed $246 million to support IWD over the past 14 years. Mr. Soros supports a world without borders, world governance and a population under the yoke of Communist repression.

Local Indivisible groups promoted the candlelight demonstration in St. Augustine. As previously reported in TCCR, the Indivisible groups have commonality with other Communist Left front organizations, such as the Occupiers St Augustine. Locally, they have common organizers.

“These truly are the times that try men’s souls. Americans must restart the great capitalist engine and restore the concepts of individual responsibility and liberty. Failure to do so, will lead us into the darkness of the collective mind, where want, hate and fear reside. This is a time like no other for America. There is no compromise possible. Either the America of our founder’s vision prevails, or the alien Communist Left’s vision prevails. The two worldviews are incompatible. Only one will be left standing. ‘Enemies Domestic’ are staring us in the face, ” Lance Thate, St Augustine Tea Party Chairman explained.

Numerous sources report that the Communist Left is in a state of panic. Should President Trump’s policies restore America’s greatness, then the Communism in America will be exposed as a failed vision. Anti-Trump forces are at war. The Facebook picture below clearly exposes their attack.




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March 1, 2017

Fake Tea Party Meets the Real Tea Party

On February 27, 2017, it seemed that the perfect political protest storm was about to disrupt the peaceful Historic District of St. Augustine, Florida. There was a "Spirit of America" Pro-Trump Rally scheduled at the Castillo de San Marcos. At about the same time, the Communist Left’s newly organized group, ”The Indivisible’s”, were assembling on the Davis Shores side of the Bridge of Lions. To add fuel to the fire, the feisty St. Augustine Tea  Party decided to deploy their largely ceremonial Dartmouth as a 'Battleship' to preserve the peace. All the ingredients for the potentially political battle were in perfect place.

Town Crier Tells All

The Town Crier, Chairman, Lance Thate, in his Saul Alinsky disguise, pictured in the center of the collage right, embedded himself with the Indivisibles. He then proceeded to cross the Bridge of Lions with about 45 anti-Trump protesters. The Town Crier Chairman has extensive experience in the Historic District, evaluating the public’s reaction and acceptance of political issues. His experience goes all the way back to 2011, and the Tea Party’s challenge of the 'Occupy St. Augustine' group. The 'Occupy St. Augustine' group and the Indivisible’s have common organizers. Although the demonstrators were carrying signs encouraging automobile traffic to honk, only one car actually did blow their horn and several cars slowed down to suggest that the protesters “Get a job.” “If our Town Criers had marched across this bridge, we would’ve gotten far better acceptance. The Indivisible’s clearly lacked widespread support,” Thate explained. As the group got to the end of the bridge passage, the embedded Town Crier Chairman called for the Dartmouth, which was lying in wait in Davis Shores, to advance. The execution was perfect as the Dartmouth intercepted the Indivisibles just as they were turning on to the Bayfront. The Dartmouth is 35 feet long, 55 feet long including the towing vehicle, which effectively blocked the protester’s access to the public. Mr. Thate reports that, “When the Dartmouth arrived there was complete disbelief and shock at what they were seeing. The Dartmouth, complete with a full-sized cardboard cutout of Donald Trump, anti-Indivisible signs and Gadsden flags flying was a site to behold. Rapid-fire comments were blasting from the Dartmouth’s sound system. As the shock wore off and the Indivisibles  realized  that the real Tea Party had arrived, they began chanting,” Dump Trump, Dump Trump, Dump Trump……” Mr. Thate reports that this was not terribly effective because it sounded more like "Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump…" Frustrated, they did not walk alongside the boat. The Indivisibles choose the seawall instead where they continued on to the Castillo de San Marcos. The Dartmouth effectively blocked their demonstration from the public view. In the pictures shown above, the upper left and lower right, are Indivisibles. They are so far removed from public view that they could easily have been mistaken for Pro Trump demonstrators. The rest of the people in the photograph are Pro Trump.

Tea Party the Last to Disengage
When the Indivisible’s reached the Castillo de San Marcos, they took a position on a knoll overlooking the Pro Trump people. Isolated, for whatever reason, they took no further action.

 “Perhaps they were up there sulking. We’ve seen it before with the Occupiers; when the Communist Left is incapable of getting support from the public, they go and pout,” David Heimbold, SATP Media Chairman revealed.

The Dartmouth continued its journey through the streets of the historic district, long after the other participants had left the Fort grounds. The support for President Trump is extremely high among visitors that frequent St. Augustine. People from all over the country showed their support by using the Dartmouth as a photo op and many boarded her. The young people shown in the photograph above are students from Flagler College who are majoring in journalism. They interviewed members of the crew. In the process, it is amazing how little they know about their heritage. It is not their fault. "They are bright, exciting young people who just haven’t been served well by the educational system we have", the Dartmouth crew reported.

A closing thought from Lance Thate ,Chairman of the St. Augustine Tea Party:

“Today was a grand day for the First Amendment. Divergent points of view were expressed without violence. The St. Augustine Police Department and the Park Rangers did not interfere with the people’s right of assembly and free speech. We salute our law enforcement and pray God’s protection for our men and women in Blue.”

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March 15, 2017


This year our new Speaker of the Florida House Richard Corcoran brought in on his own initiative, the ability for Floridians to gain eye witness to the inner sanctum of the Florida Lobbyist pay to play world in Tallahassee legislation. Never did I believe there would be such a bold departure from "politics as usual" in our great State of Florida.                          

So with this wonderful opportunity at hand I opened the back door and looked into "who is pulling the strings" in Florida textbooks and virtual curriculum. Surprise, it's Pearson PLC using the name of one of its FORTY sub corporations, Prentice Hall. Additionally, we have McGrawHill, owned by Apollo Global Management, a separate mega provider that retains a solid position in the "trough" of this educational tax dollar behemoth that I know as Common Core/federal education. 

Pearson is said to control 80% of the public school curriculum in the US and claims to be the GLOBAL LEADER. Pearson PLC's yearly revenues reported in August 2016  said to be as large as $4.47 BILLION. Of greatest concern is that Pearson is a multinational corporation based in ENGLAND. It has its primary listing on the BRITISH stock exchange and a secondary listing on the NYSE. Let's pause and consider whether our Florida students need curriculum provided by a multinational corporation from outside the USA where it is known that most of the actual educational product is produced in INDIA.  Now, add to the fact that millions of Florida tax dollars are exported out of the USA for Common Core, a copyrighted system whose claims have never been validated by educational experts. In my opinion this defies logic and is the poison pill that will be the end of free American public education intended to enrich each student! 

What strikes me as completely out of bounds is the fact that our Legislature has laws on our books that require certain content for FLORIDA curriculum and materials, but our FLDOE approves materials that do not meet the requirements of statutes.(FS 1003.42 2a-f). Why bother to have a Florida Department of Education[FLDOE] if they won't follow the laws our Legislature makes? I believe the Lobbyists are to blame with that constant infusion of "donations" to key legislators that make this 'persuasion' invisible, until now. Mega money speaks loudest, except on Election Day when they pander to the Voters ! 

The solution is SB.1210 and HB.989 that will provide the ability of our 67 Schools Boards to control what curriculum they use. As it stands now school boards are forced fed without the ability to say no to the FLDOE. Remember back in 2014 when the Legislators all returned from session trumpeting a new law they just passed that would give school boards local control of this basic aspect of education? That was "theory" or what I call wishful thinking. In practice the law said "may" not "shall" so it was "False News" (FS 1006.283). It reminded me of  another piece of "False News “when we were told they got rid of Common Core in Florida. In fact all they did was remove the "words" Common Core 27 times by approving  SB1642/HB7031 and relabeled it Florida Standard Assessment. That insult to Florida Taxpayers and students intelligence was provided by faux leaders like Janet Adkins, Marleen O'Toole and John Legg. The good news, they are all GONE as of the 2016 election and with Speaker Corcoran's new rule would not be able further destroy Florida education as Lobbyists.   

I ask that all Floridians check the Florida House website at MYFLORIDAHOUSE.GOV to see for themselves the Lobbyist's direct connections with Legislators. Then call your legislator and ask them to sponsor and pass SB.1210 and HB.989. We cannot allow our tax dollars paid for Florida Education to continue to be hijacked by foreign national corporations by using Tallahassee Lobbyists. Speaker Corcoran's six year ban on former members lobbying is another major step forward in setting new high ground and draining the Tallahassee swamp. When you make those phone calls to your representatives to Vote for SB1210 and HB989, call Speaker Corcoran and thank him for all the new "Sunshine" in the Sunshine State. 

Not associated in any way with the Speaker but approvingly. 

Dennis McDonald
Flagler County FL.

March 11, 2017

Has Trump’s Victory Been Reversed?

 Photos by TCCR Staff

On March 11, 2017, Congressman Ron DeSantis conducted three Town Hall meetings. One was in the southern part of St. Johns County. Another was in Daytona Beach and the third was in Mount Dora, Florida. TCCR reporters learned that the face-to-face Town Hall meetings with constituents were, in part, the result of a meeting with Indivisible groups on February 21, 2017. Indivisibles had been targeting his office with protests.

Congressman DeSantis, a Republican, represents Florida’s US House District 6, which includes portions of St. Johns, Lake and all of Volusia and Flagler Counties. In the November 2016 election, President Trump won the district by about 2 to 1. The overall tone and makeup of the three Town Hall meetings clearly did not reflect President Trump’s overwhelming victory in November.

According to various sources, Republican Party officials requested Republicans to show up in mass to dampen the effects of the Indivisible groups. The GOP forces could be distinguished by Ron DeSantis' campaign signs. The Indivisibles were recognizable by small 10 x 12 American flags which they carried. They also carried signage that supported the Communist Left’s issues.

A Divided Nation

These Town Hall meetings reflected the divide in the nation. The Indivisibles represent the international communist perspective. The Trumpsters represent the national perspective.  The Tea Party represents Constitutional Government, which, by definition, makes them national in perspective. And the poor old tired GOP is still trying to figure out how they lost control of the globalist agenda.

The Orlando Political Observer, reporting on the Mount Dora meeting wrote, ”Many of the attendees wore “Repeal Obamacare” stickers while Obamacare supporters asked DeSantis questions challenging the new plan. There were several times when visitors on both sides of the issues began shouting at each other.”

And in Daytona Beach, DeSantis’ Town Hall meeting was held at the virtual epicenter of Ground Zero of his Democratic constituents. The meeting was held at  Bethune-Cookman University. The Daytona Beach News Journal reported, “Not even a microphone was able to raise Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis' voice above shouts and applause Saturday at a Town Hall meeting at Bethune-Cookman University.” Bethune-Cookman University’s enrollment is predominantly Afro-American.

According to our TCCR reporter at Pedro Menendez High School in southern St. Johns County, the Town Hall meeting was well attended. Indivisible group members set the tone and conversation. There was only one Trumpster that could be identified  by his Trump flag. There were no known Tea Party members present. The sizable audience was divided equally between the Indivisible Democratic interests and the Republican interests.

Congressman DeSantis made a valiant attempt to promote a plan commonly referred to as “Ryan Care”. Some thought that a better name would be “RINO Care”. The Democrats supported the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Any reference to Obama-Care was often challenged by the Indivisible group demanding the term ACA.

 For the Communist leadership of the Democratic Party, ACA is doing exactly what it was designed to do. ACA/Obama-Care, was designed to fail in 2017. A Communist Leftist President was supposed to save the day with single-payer. Trump’s victory has interrupted the Communist Left’s agenda and, as a result, has energized their base.

DeSantis’  Town Hall meetings demonstrate that the Indivisibles’ energy was amplified by dispersing themselves among the audience, continually asking questions and applauding every word. These common Saul Alinsky tactics greatly marginalized the GOP effort.

“The Republicans simply do not have the will to stand up in a “Street Fight”. Indivisibles are being told that this is how the Tea Party beat Obama. The truth is, we did not beat Obama. And, we had very little influence on legislators. This is because we asked them to do something that is contrary to their personal interests. We asked them to reduce their influence, reduce the size of government, if you will. What we did do, however, is win the hearts of the American people and they elected President Trump,” a Tea Party Statement regarding DeSantis’ Conversations with his constituents stated.

The Democrats, Independents and Tea Party that gave the President his 2 to 1 victory were missing from  today’s conversation. The Pro Trump Rallies of February 27, 2017 showed continuing support for the Trump Agenda. The radical left is an extreme minority. Their  Alinsky manipulations were well executed. The Indivisible groups maneuvered the Congressman into an auditorium sized environment and then showed up to crucify him. If their numbers were so great, they would have won the election. The operative words of the 2016 election were repeal “Obama care” and “Build the Wall”.  The Communist Left will work hard to overturn the President’s victory.

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Photo by TCCR Staff

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