February 6, 2018


Just Who are the Trumpsters?

A Republican “Trump Club” meeting was held on February 5, 2018 at the St. Augustine Airport Special Events Building on Casa Cola Way. The Trump Club in St Johns County is one of many around the State of Florida that have taken off like a rocket. The Trump Club is a spin-off of the stodgy old Republican Executive Committee (REC) that has grown into a boring do-nothing RINO Club here in St Johns County. The Trump Club is an independent group, but affiliated somehow, with the GOP. It still seems to this reporter to be “smoke and mirrors”. However the excitement was real, the RINOs stayed home and the Patriots with Republican label were out in force.

Diane Scherff, SJC REC 2nd Vice Chair, presided over the meeting. There were 108 people in attendance. Just under a hundred of those in attendance had paid their $30 membership fee.

This was basically a meet & greet for two speakers. The first, Fred Costello, a US Congressional Candidate, got his five minutes. Fred displayed a very patriotic red, white and blue passion and he recalled his fights with the Republican establishment in the State Assembly. He was full of enthusiasm for Trump. Costello was even wearing Trump socks. This guy is totally sold on Trump and people should look at his record after the excitement dies down.

The second speaker was Colonel Mike McAlister representing “Citizens for Trump”, a new organization similar to the Trump Club. Colonel McAlister is supported by Randy McDaniels, from “Act for America”. These guys know each other from the military days and are well-informed on how Islam has infiltrated the highest ranks of government. This includes the Muslim Brotherhood that Trump has yet to kick out of the White House and intelligence areas.




It is interesting to note, that the two speakers are both former Tea Party candidates who ran on the Republican ticket in 2012. Neither candidate received any support from the GOP leadership at the time. In fact, McAlister was encouraged to remove himself from the US Senate race. This was the reception the Tea Party received from the GOP in 2012.

Jill Pacetti, the heroine of saving the Confederate Monument in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida, was mentioned by Colonel McAlister. The Chairperson Scherff did not call on her to speak. Jill was prepared to make a statement.


Diane Scherff later apologized. She was so overwhelmed with her other obligations and she did not hear McAllister when he talked about Jill and her ongoing conflict with Reverend Rawls over War Monuments.

A member of the Tea Party was there to hand out the latest TCCR article which showed the statistics of Trump’s approval by the vast majority of the American people on the State of the Union speech. The Tea Party Advocate was trying to get some of the Trump Club members to come down and protect the Monument at the Rawls’ demonstration next month. About 25 Republican Patriots at this meeting happily took the invitation to get involved. However, we know that Republicans love meetings more than being activists. If you could get one in 5,000 Republicans to get off their derriere and actually confront the evil doers, it would be a miracle.

All in all, it was an exciting venture to see the cast of characters congratulating themselves and being enthusiastic… if only they would do something. Few of them even knew that the Monuments were under attack.

In the meantime, Hope Springs Eternal and we pray that the prayers sent up for God and Country will take and put some steel in the spines of the budding Patriotic spirit that so soon dies after the people walk down the steps and get in their cars and go home and go to sleep. Wake up America. Talk is cheap! The Left wants to take down your City Monuments and, so far, none of the GOP leadership has put their bodies between the Monuments and the attackers.

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Photo by TCCR Staff

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While the cultural war rages in the streets of St. Augustine, the REC spent two of its precious hours listening to parliamentary procedural discussions and bickering about whether or not to move their REC meeting place from the airport facility to save $800 a year on rent. As long as the REC remains a self serving, do-nothing organization, it will be 'out at the airport’ when the Country’s ship comes in as a result of “Making America Great Again”.

After a couple of hours of listening to parliamentary procedures at the REC, the TCCR reporter went home. He reports that he turned on Fox News and saw a recent story about the tearing down of the Confederate and other American statues in the City of New Orleans. There was a crane removing one of the statutes being shown, and the report revealed that there were three more statues to be removed. A black activist in New Orleans said, “This is just the beginning because they're going to change all the street signs as well.” He was interrupted by the Fox reporter who asked, “What else are you going to change?” The black activist said, “Basically, everything." The symbols that support our American history and the history itself are under assault. The cultural war by the Communists is visible for all to see.

There is a battle line established and a war is being fought in the City of St. Augustine. The front line is just down the road a piece from the REC meeting. The City of St Augustine has experienced repeated efforts to take down our Confederate monuments over the last six months. Ron Rawls, a Community Organizer from Gainesville, has organized Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panther Party and an assortment of leftists groups. They will attempt again, on March 10th, to disrupt business in the historic district according to announcements on their website.

The St. Augustine Tea Party’s Town Criers, along with the 3%ers Militia Units and other patriots have protected the Monuments from the mob since late August of 2017.  

Jill Pacetti rose like a star in the night sky when she received over 11,650 signatures on a petition to retain the Confederate Monument with her family name on it. In addition, the “Saving Southern Heritage, Florida” organization from Tampa had commissioned a St. Augustine poll. The results of the poll showed that 86.9% of the people in St. Augustine oppose the removal of “Confederate War Memorials”. The antagonist, Reverend Rawls of AME Church, who commutes daily from his home in Gainesville to St Augustine, is again whipping up the “Take them Down” campaign because it offends the radical left and he claims the black community is also offended.

Not one REC member or elected Republican official has ever put his body between the monument and Rawls’ largely white ‘bussed in’ agitators. To add insult to injury, Jill Pacetti, who was invited to speak, got all of about 2 minutes after waiting one hour and 45 minutes to say, briefly, that she needed some help to support local and State statutes to forbid the vandalism of Florida’s monuments. The audience, basically, yawned and went on to another presentation as Pacetti departed for greener pastures.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Photo by TCCR Staff

Contrast this with the 'Trump Club' meeting, four days earlier in the same room. They had 108 in attendance and bristled with devotees. The founding meeting of the Trump Club had decided to break with the REC and allow non-Republicans to be in attendance. But even here, the Trump Club’s enthusiasm was mostly directed toward cheerleading. The serious issues, such as the cultural war, were not discussed.  Though Pacetti was in the audience and had planned to speak, the Chairman never got around to recognizing her. The Chairman of the Trump Club is also the SJC REC 2nd Vice Chairperson. This relationship with the REC is similar to the REC relationship that once existed with the local Tea Party, during its formation, in its early days. The St. Augustine Tea Party did not become a real ‘Tea Party’ until their members divorced themselves from REC control. The result of that action has created a Tea Party with far more influence in Northeast Florida than its size would suggest.

The Republicans, at the National level, really defined their true identity again last week with the passage of the new budget, signed by President Trump. As all voters know: The Democrats tax and spend, the Republicans borrow and spend. The operative word for both political parties is a very large Federal Government that SPENDS. There is no room for fiscal conservatives in either party. The Tea Party Movement was and is, about fiscal conservatism and constitutional governance.

Imagine, the first Trump budget raises spending by about $500 billion over the 2017 budget which was signed by Barack Obama. No doubt it makes the Bush family proud. The Globalist’s financial budget is in place. Cloward–Piven strategy of 1966 continues its march to America’s destruction with the blessing of both political parties and the signature of the President who pledged to “Make America Great Again”.                                                                                                               

Also, “President Trump has proposed a $1.5 trillion infrastructure spending plan. Perhaps coincidentally, the price tag for Trump’s plan is almost exactly double that of President Obama’s infrastructure stimulus bill from 2009. All that is lacking are the promises of Jobs from shovel-ready projects,” according to David Thornton, a contributor to Eric Erickson’s “Resurgent” publication.                                 

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So Let’s Sum it Up

1. The Tea Party has been expelled from the Republican Party because of their beliefs in fiscal responsibility in constitutional governance. The GOP only talks about those values when they are not in power. When in power, their true nature comes out. They are international globalists supporting centralized massive government. They are part of the massive Deep State.

2. The Democratic Party has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Communist Party USA. Using the propagandized mainstream media, they are engaged in a street fight. A coup d’état of the Trump administration is underway. The Republicans have no stomach for this fight. It interferes with their “Country Club Image”. They believe they will share in the spoils after the radical transformation is complete. The GOP is complicit and is making a serious mistake by assuming they will have a stake in the future.

3. The “Tea Party Movement” is alive and well among the majority of the American population. It resides in what is now called the “Populist Movement” which makes up the base of support for Donald Trump. The big question for the Donald’s future is how well he understands the nature of his base. While tax cuts are popular, the movement is looking for tax reform. The budget he just signed could well be a crack in his support base. Recent Trump tweets suggest that he has signed the budget to secure military funding. If he funds the military and refuses to spend the rest of the money allotted for the progressive transformation, the Donald will continue in his popularity. Only time will tell who the real Donald truly is.

Perhaps Bud Abbott and Lou Costello’s comic skit from the 1940s will clear things up. Costello: That's what I want to find out. I want you to tell me the names of the fellows on the St. Louis team. Abbott: I'm telling you. Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third-- Got it?


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February 5, 2018

How High or Low

Can Corruption Go?                  

by John Knapp

I've known since Barack Hussein Obama was first elected that 'something is rotten in the State of Denmark’. That famous Shakespearean euphemism, this time, is about our Denmark-on-the-Potomac, Washington D.C. Each new day's public revelations boggle the mind, challenge the reality we thought we knew, and steadily erode the nation's confidence in its official leadership and national government.

This growing-by “leaps-and-bounds”, getting bigger-than-the-Titanic, of the political corruption scandal.....brought to you mostly by an arrogant Democratic Party, along with a cadre of assorted Republican-elite conspirators and government bureaucrats, and a complicit mainstream media. It portends to become the greatest political scandal perpetrated on an otherwise free society in the history of this country, if not the world.

The rot feels ubiquitous. Whole swaths of high-level bureaucrats, political appointees, and liberal political hacks - the 'Deep State' - are fighting a covert-overt Civil Service War against the U.S. Constitution, against the U.S. citizenry, against a legitimately-elected President. At this juncture, it's daily becoming more apparent the tentacles of betrayal came down from the top. How deep they might go is anyone's guess.

The investigations continue. One is a fake-investigation, the Mueller investigation. It's just as fake as fake news gets, and yet it continues, a Democrat political diversion of the first magnitude. There hasn't been any 'There' there since the Mueller Investigation began. This charade is corruption, folks. Lies upon lies, all meant to obfuscate and distract from real truth.

The other investigation is slowly opening the pores of the BIG SCANDAL in all its variously-related veins of official betrayal of the American People under the 'stewardship' of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, et. al. Congress needs to move along with this. The 2018 elections will soon be upon us, and voting Americans need to know the truth, to see justice coming down the road, for to restore some of the public's lost faith in a rotted government.

It's time to turn up the heat, President Trump.  

I've said many times that all of us fly-over “Deplorables” have only seen the tip of the great, wretched, corrupt, federal iceberg before us. The problem is not that we can't see it, for in our hearts; we really do see and know. Most Americans instinctively know where we've allowed this government to bring us.

Any government will ultimately become no better than the people it leads or that they are willing to put up. In the end, it will become the kind of government those people deserve. If We the People acquiesce in corrupt government, official corruption will multiply in spades, sure as the Aussie Flu.

This federal government has become the single organizational monolith which all Americans have in common. Our American culture has been too complacent in the face of a federal government which increasingly subsidizes bad behavior, a practice which only promotes more of it. In turn - predictably - government now routinely subsidizes its own bad behavior. This is Banana-republic, 101 theory.

The Declaration of Independence was written to address governance that was engaged in subsidizing its own bad behavior. The Revolutionary War was fought by a new American Culture which had become resolute in living under honest governance which answered to “We the People”. Upon victory, the U.S. Constitution further cemented those valid precepts. This is the essence of Thomas Jefferson. It is still honest, still correct, and forever relevant.

I am reminded of those prescient words not long ago uttered by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Although he was discussing the problem of Islamic terrorism then, his words will serve as well in discussing the current investigations into the (apparent) traitorous network of highly placed public officials currently under Congressional investigation.

When asked 'What keeps you up at night?' Secretary Rumsfeld replied (and I'm paraphrasing) 'There are known knows, and there are known unknowns. But what worries me are the unknown unknowns, those things we have no idea we don't know.'

We really have no idea what all this shadow government has been propagating, along and along, in its insatiable quest for power, everything else be damned.

Perhaps all of us should be up at night.

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February 3, 2018

Humpty Dumpty
Had a Great Fall

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Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and all of the efforts of the “Deep State” and their Media will not be able to put their world back together again. The look on Nancy Pelosi‘s face, see picture above, bears testimony to the new reality for the Progressive movement.

The journey from the Tea Party to Trump was in full view for all to see on January 30, 2018 with the State of the Union (SOTU) address. According to Nielsen, 45.6 million viewers watched the SOTU address. The Nielsen ratings have some serious limitations regarding their polling accuracy since the advent of cable and the Internet. President Trump claimed the highest viewership ever for a SOTU address. Whatever the number, there was a very large number of people viewing the President’s accomplishments, unfiltered by “Fake News”. A CBS poll reveals that 97% of Republicans approved, 43% of Democrats approved and 72% of independents approved of the President’s speech.

Clearly, the Democratic leadership present in Washington, DC did not approve. They joined the Communist’s resist movement led by such groups as the Indivisibles, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the New Black Panther Party and Refuse Fascism, among others.

The transformation of America into the dreams of the radical Communists of the late 1960s seemed so inevitable, with the election of a Communist President and a supportive Progressive Congress in 2008. The “New World Order” elitists’ timeline called for the complete transformation of America with the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama in 2012. However, that transformation was interrupted by the emergence of the Tea Party movement’s influence in the 2010 election and the loss of the House of Representatives. No one saw the Tea Party movement coming; certainly not the Democrats. While the Republican Party initially supported the Tea Party, they soon learned that they were not compatible with the Tea Party’s Constitutional values.

Nevertheless, the voice of the people continues to emerge via one, Donald J. Trump. The leadership of neither political party can afford to permit this movement to continue. The voice of the people is in conflict with the “New World Order” concept. Big-money always feels entitled. Therefore, the concept of individual liberty is always under attack.
Coup d’état in the Wings?
Evangelist, Franklin Graham has recently raised a common sense assumption. He suggests that a coup d’état is currently underway to remove Donald J Trump as President “They are not going to use bullets. They are using the media – to plant thoughts in people's minds that he's incompetent, that he's dangerous, that you can't trust him with nuclear weapons, that he is mentally unstable," Graham said. The idea would be to remove Trump under the 25th Amendment. The media would use Cabinet members to discredit the President. Many of the White House staffers are Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) members.  The CFR is the major voice for the “New World Order” and the Central Banks.

Roger Stone also believes a coup d’état is in process. The coup d’état has taken the impeachment course for the past year. It is imploding as the investigation into alleged “Russian Collusion” becomes more transparent. Today, the ‘Clinton Dossier Congressional Memo’ was released to the American people.

Stone also believes that the “Deep State” may try to remove Trump using the 25th Amendment. Stone goes a step further, suggesting if the first two methods fail, a third step could be implemented. Stone warns that given the current threat to the “Deep State”, assassination is not out of the question. This is particularly true since intelligence services could perceive themselves to be under attack.

Either the incremental Communist movement will come to fruition or it will not.  The time for them to strike is now. There is no going back. Humpty Dumpty lays splattered on the ground. He cannot be put together again.  

And. Donald J. Trump only knows how to win for himself and for America.  Let us join in Liberty’s victory. The “Draining of the Swamp” has begun.

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February 11, 2018

Memorial Service held for Paul Franklin Hooker
US Army Veteran seeing service with the Occupation Forces in Germany Long term member of the Saint Augustine Tea Party

On February 10, 2018 a private memorial service was held for Paul Franklin Hooker at the Spirit Alive Church in St. Augustine, Florida. In attendance were members of the family, friends and members of the Saint Augustine Tea Party. A US Army honor guard was in attendance to present the flag to his wife, Kathleen Hooker.                                            

Tea Party Chairman, Lance Thate, expressed the Tea Party’s gratitude for Paul Hooker’s devotion to the Town Crier activities. Thate was visibly moved by the presence of Paul’s tri-corner hat and the Tea Party display that the family choose to create. “It was like Paul’s patriotism reached out even after death,” the Chairman was heard saying later.                                    Photo by TCCR Staff 7-3-14                                                                                         

Paul Franklin Hooker, Jr., 83, died January 28th in hospice, succumbing to congestive heart failure in St. Augustine, FL. He was a retired Speech Language Pathologist/Audiologist, Inventor and Thespian. He was born April 20, 1934, in Lafayette, IN. He is survived by his devoted wife of 36 years, Kathleen Hooker, and loving daughter, Jennifer Hooker (NY), both of South Bend, IN. Children: Samantha Schreiber, (AZ), and Patrick Hooker, (CO), 4 Grandchildren; 2 Sisters.

He had many interests: amateur theater (1975–2005), antique cars, trivia and history buff, LP records, 1950's music/dancing, classic movies, tasty meals, well-dressed fashion, Saint Augustine Tea Party, and the Marx Brothers; Audio Recording Ministry–Moody Church (Chicago), and New Covenant Church (FL). His passion: Helping dyslexics and those with learning disabilities.

His many accomplishments: Indiana University (B.S.'60) and Ball State University (M.A.'65). A Speech Language Pathologist in schools over 25 years, public speaking, and served the hearing impaired. (Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Florida) He is the Inventor of the Speech Reception Threshold (SRT) Audiometer – still in use today. A proud United States Army Veteran, who served in Germany during the Occupation Forces, and was cleared for Top Secret.

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Photos by TCCR Staff

February 10, 2018
Tea Party, Republicans and the Donald

Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third---    An Evaluation

                                                                                                                                                                                Photo by TCCR Staff

The TCCR sent a reporter to the St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee (REC) meeting conducted on February 8, 2018. It has been several years since this publication has covered a REC meeting. Since this is an election year, a sizable and enthusiastic attendance was expected. We did not find this to be a correct assumption. The REC had a couple of dozen in attendance. This estimate is not counting the numerous Board Members who preside over the meeting. ‘Want to be’ candidates were not very plentiful either.

America’s enemy is, literally, at the gate and the Republicans don't seem to realize how far out of step with reality they truly are. Their candidate selection is almost irrelevant.  RECs across the Country do not select great candidates; they are too preoccupied with candidates who can be controlled in the name of ‘party loyalty’. On Thursday, their armchair generals were bickering over where they will meet and eat, instead of defending the City and County from “Enemies Domestic”.   

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